Eric Bodenstab grew up in southern California before moving to Colorado and earning two Master’s Degrees, one in Structural Engineering. As of the Fall of 2019, he is a newly-minted husband as well father to two sons, and currently commutes to his day job in downtown Denver, just like any other average American.

Eric helped to form the Unity Party of America with his long-time friend Bill Hammons (who is now seeking the Unity Party’s Presidential nomination). In 2018 the two appeared together in the #3 slot on the Colorado Gubernatorial ballot, and Eric increased his vote count more than 30,000% over his City Council vote total in the mid 2000’s (at his current rate of growth, he will earn millions and millions of votes in the 2020 election across the country).

Eric’s campaign website is

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  1. Timbo Tyndall

    Is this the same organization as unity 2020 with Brett Weinstein?

  2. jay

    I won’t vote for Democrats nor will I vote for anyone from California. Neither of these seem to have a good grasp on reality. Few politicians understand what the working man goes through.

    1. billhammons

      Jay, where does it say anywhere that Mr. Bodenstab is a Democrat?

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