Candidate Code of Conduct

While the choice of the Unity Party of America nominees shall be left to the Unity Party voters, here are some suggested principles up for approval at the next Unity Party National Convention:

  • No Unity Party Candidate shall run negative advertising against a fellow Uniter or others.
  • No Unity Party Candidate shall engage in personal attacks against a fellow Uniter or others.
  • When attacked, Unity Party Candidates will only counter incorrect information with facts.
  • Unity Party Candidates will be factual, whether on the stump or in advertising.
  • Unity Party Candidates will put country before power, knowing we’re all in this together.
  • Unity Party Candidates will involve themselves in meetings and events hosted by the party.
  • Candidates of Unity Party will not run simultaneous campaigns for the same office, but will instead be supportive of the Party nominated candidate.

Our Mission

As inhabitants in an ever-shrinking world, it is essential that we learn to collaborate and peacefully co-exist . Regardless of political stance, current issues such as our fragile economy, climate change concerns, ongoing wars, and infringements of our autonomy plague us all.  We encourage our members and action-oriented candidates to focus on these threatening obstacles, and prove that shared problem-solving  brings us closer together.