As members of the Unity Party, we focus on real solutions for real problems. Politics are now more divided than any other time in history. People who were once acquaintances vilify one another if they have differing political views or do not subscribe to “groupthink”. Those who do not agree are ridiculed, shunned, even threatened, for not following the perceived status quo. This is not how politics is supposed to be. They are meant to encourage dialogue to inspire people to find answers that plague our society.

The Unity Party does just that. Our foundation is based on three principles:
1. recognizing problems that affect the 99%,
2. openly speaking about problems and how they impact people, and
3. finding solutions.

As members of the Unity Party, we focus on similarities rather than differences. We are non-partisan. We are a blending of diverse parties, political ideals, cultures, sexualities and genders, religions, spiritual practices, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. We welcome progressives, conservatives, outliers, non-conformists, and those from all political parties.

The dilemmas we face today are complex, but so are people, and we’re proof that those from all walks of life CAN work together to create innovation and solutions for all. We are the new generation of truly independent thinking political activists promoting an improved future for the country.

Not a "Blend of the Big Parties"

Many Third Parties pride themselves on being a moderate blending of the traditional two-party system, which is rife with issues and have disillusioned many. We believe our emphasis on inclusion is the way of the political future.

People Before Party

Like no two snowflakes are alike, we do not expect people to conform to political molds. As humans, we amount to more than simple political identity.

Everyone's Voice Matters

We source ideas from a diverse collective to maximize our impact. We want to hear from all sides to come up with the best solutions.

Seeking Lasting Solutions

Our country is facing many problems today. Instead of opting for the easiest, temporary fixes, we at Unity want to find lasting ways that will benefit the 99%.

Our Mission

As inhabitants in an ever-shrinking world, it is essential that we learn to collaborate and peacefully co-exist . Regardless of political stance, current issues such as our fragile economy, balancing the budget, climate change concerns, ongoing wars, and infringements of our autonomy plague us all.  We encourage our members and action-oriented candidates to focus on these threatening obstacles, and prove that shared problem-solving  brings us closer together.