Unity Party
Not Right. Not left. Forward.

About Unity

As members of the Unity Party we focus on finding similarities between us and those we disagree with rather than differences.

We do not attack or vilify other parties, cultures, religions, ethnicities, or spiritual practices. We choose conversation not conflict.

We strive to strike the proper  balance between personal freedom and empowering and securing our communities.

Our Principles

People Before Party

Politics can no longer be about taking sides. We have to come together to create real solutions

Everyone's Voice Matters

We are open to hearing and desire our beliefs and ideas to be challenged so they can become even more inclusive.

Freedom for the Individual

We maximize freedom for the individual AND security for the Society to minimize suffering.

Security for the Society

We source ideas from a diverse collective to maximize our impact. We want to hear from all sides to come up with the best solutions.

Our Mission

We want to engage every single human in cross-cultural conversation at every level: personal relationships, families, townships, counties, states, nations, and the globe.

 We want people who do not typically talk to one another to start a conversation and practice listening to many other points of view.

We want to focus on the issues that threaten humanity and show how focusing on these issues can bring us closer together as a global family.  We want active participation from all walks of life in these conversations.