While we do not encourage members and candidates to blindly think the same way, below are issues that we are passionate about:

Fixing the Economy:

We are living in tumultuous economic times. Inflation is at record highs, and companies are terminating employees en masse to save money. The average residence rental price is $2,000 monthly and life-saving utilities and medicines are mostly out of reach of the 99%. Young people cannot afford necessities that their parents and grandparents could once easily obtain, such as housing, transportation, or even starting a family. All the while, the 1% only accumulate more wealth and associated power. With people's paychecks being stretched further and further, it is only a matter of time before a catastrophe befalls us.

Helping the Environment

Pollution and litter are problems that concern not only us, but wildlife and our future generations. Large corporations continue to introduce pollutants into our life-giving air and water, but it's the Earth's health, and our wallets, that pay the price. The polluters need to be held accountable for their crimes. We all deserve a clean planet.

Getting Money Out of Politics

The definition of a corporatocracy is an economic, political and judicial system controlled by corporations and their interests. Laws are passed that benefit corporations and the ruling class, and allows dark money and favors to flow freely through the halls of government. Elected officials took oaths to serve the interests of the 99%, not the 1%.

Pro-Peace & Anti-War

As our name suggests, we at Unity Party believe more can be accomplished with meaningful discussions rather than mindless bloodshed. Wars destroy lives and regions, and puts tremendous monetary and mental strain on those not directly involved. Leaders must learn to act like mature adults to solve their problems.

Balancing the Budget

The United States is 31 trillion dollars in debt. The last time the US paid off its debts was back in 1835. Since then - especially since the early 2000s - wars, stock market crashes, and economic conditions have dragged us further and further into debt. The US government must stop its needless waste spending; otherwise, generations not yet born will be hampered with the monetary burden.

No More Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering is the underhanded technique of manipulating district boundary lines to include and exclude voters of differing demographics. This gives political parties advantages, as it rigs constituent voting. This racist, sexist, and classist practice must be retired immediately.

Advanced Transportation

The "advent" of electric cars, although seemingly a responsible alternative to conventional cars, is harming our planet due to the mining of dangerous lithium and cobalt needed to run them . Our train systems have been largely unchanged over the past 100 years, while the rest of the modern world has produced high-speed and technologically-advanced rail systems. This smart, clean mode of transportation is necessary for our country, and a better alternative than the unending repair of our crumbling roads.

Cancel Student Loan Debt

A student can spend decades paying off interest and a growing principle on a loan that originally started off small. This only hurts the student, who was simply trying to improve their life, and lines the pockets of the loan companies and banks. Student debt harms the economy as well, since the borrowers cannot afford homeownership and earn poor credit scores. We must move past these oppressive practices.

Congressional Term Limits

Although we elect a president every four years, many members of Congress have remained in position for decades. This ensures repeatedly stale ideas and laws are presented over and over in a vacuum. More than ever, we need to introduce term limits for congressional representatives.

Affordable Medical Care

The US has some of the worst medical care in the Western world; compound that with the highest prices and mandatory insurance coverage, and it is clear to see that our medical care system is an embarrassment. People succumb to their illnesses or go without treatment for fear of bankruptcy. In a country in which we pay so many taxes, we should not have to worry about quality, affordable medical care.

Our Mission

As inhabitants in an ever-shrinking world, it is essential that we learn to collaborate and peacefully co-exist . Regardless of political stance, current issues such as our fragile economy, balancing the budget, climate change concerns, ongoing wars, and infringements of our autonomy plague us all.  We encourage our members and action-oriented candidates to focus on these threatening obstacles, and prove that shared problem-solving  brings us closer together.