Join The Unity Party Of America & Get United For Your Country!

Please complete the below form to join the 46-State Unity Party of America as a Uniter, and feel free to read our explanation for why we ask for mailing addresses. Also note that, as of October 2020, we ask for (optional) LinkedIn profile links to add them to the growing list of Uniters from all walks of life, many of them prominent in their local and professional communities (we Uniters are ordinary Americans uniting to do extraordinary things for our Country).

Note this is separate from signing up to run with the Unity Party as a Uniter candidate for office.

Once you’ve applied for Membership, you’ll be taken to the Uniter Membership Confirmation Page which outlines next steps for helping to grow the party in your area!

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  1. Elijah Herson

    I am extremely happy that I found the Unity party and have never seen another party that falls truly in the middle ground quite like Unity. I struggled in the past looking at how red/blue our politics can be… and each third party really leaned too far on one side or another. The extremism in this country is the starting place for most issues. Named appropriately… this is the party that will Unify the country one day!

  2. Eric

    Joining the National Party is essentially risk free, you can maintain your state party membership with the D’s or R’s if that suits you for whatever reason. If you live in Colorado, please consider affiliating with us. Visit the Secretary or State site or your County Clerk.

    If you’re unaffiliated, you in particular have nothing to lose. You can help build a party locally or nationally – and have a RESPECTFUL say. Again if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, you can always rejoin the D’s and R’s. But, frankly, the major parties give us very little hope. The root problems may indeed be much deeper, however, with Unity you and I can make the best of it.

  3. Wade Swicord

    Some months back I wrote up a short program on how we might introduce a sensible choice for president in view of the fact that we have none. It was brushed off or ignored by those I sent it to.

    Yang and Tulsi were my choice from the day they signed up.

    This is Tennessee… I need help.


  4. Jim Mahaffey

    I am voting “none of the above” in 2020 because of the lack of leadership in BOTH parties.

  5. Robert Kuhn


    1. billhammons

      What I think Bob was trying to say was google him (“robert kuhn”).

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