Join UP & Get United For Your Country!


What does it mean to be a “Uniter”?


We value Unity.

As members of the Unity party we focus on finding similarities between us and those we disagree with rather than differences.

We actively create Unity in our close relationships, families, local communities, national communities, and in the global community.

We do not attack or vilify other parties, cultures, religions, ethnicities, or spiritual practices.  We confront instead of conflict.  Confront vs. Conflict

We support conversation.  How to hold peaceful argument… see image – 10 commandments of rational debate.  Conflict resolution skills

Please complete the below form to join the 46-State Unity Party of America as a Uniter, and feel free to read our explanation for why we ask for mailing addresses. Also note that, as of October 2020, we ask for (optional) LinkedIn profile links to add them to the growing list of Uniters from all walks of life, many of them prominent in their local and professional communities (we Uniters are ordinary Americans uniting to do extraordinary things for our Country).

Note this is separate from signing up to run with the Unity Party as a Uniter candidate for office.

Once you’ve applied for Membership, you’ll be taken to the Uniter Membership Confirmation Page which outlines next steps for helping to grow the party in your area!


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