The Unity Party grew out of a grassroots group which supported a United States Presidential campaign by raising campaign contributions and awareness of our platform. From there, Unity Party of America candidates ran for the Federal office in 2008, and again in 2010. By this time, the Unity Party had expanded beyond Colorado for a total of 27 states. Over the last decade, we have continued to expand across the country.

On June 6, 2017, the Unity Party of Colorado achieved full party status in the Centennial State thanks to the number of voters who had checked the “Unity” voter affiliation box. With this new status, Unity Party of Colorado candidates (including Presidential candidates), no longer have to petition onto the General Election ballot, but instead are nominated at the election year Unity Party convention. In 2018, Hammons, his Gubernatorial running mate and friend Eric Bodenstab, and other candidates went on to shatter all new-party records in that year’s General Election.

Unity Creator Bill Hammons
Some of the Colorado Committee

Our Unified Principles:

Bipartisan thoughts are a raging force that tear people apart, and unified principles are not often discussed in today’s world. As the pressure to conform as either a Republican or Democrat, compounded by poor performance of elected officials, many people are fleeing the conventional two-party system in search of an alternative. We have seen too often the duopoly’s corruption and priority of serving only lobbyists and corporations. The 99% have been forsaken by our so-called “representatives” who follow the mighty dollar. This is a dangerous house of cards arrangement, and it’s only a matter of time before it comes crashing down disastrously.

What Makes Unity Different From Other Third Parties?

Numerous minor parties in this country adopt a centrist viewpoint. While the smaller parties may see Centrism as noble, it can lead to a slippery slope of expecting  members to follow that political mantra, which will ostracize people with diverse mindsets. When the majority of smaller parties base their existence on this model, they become clones of each other.

Unity stands out because we offer a unique set of values and are ready to openly discuss our members’ viewpoints in order to reach agreements to offer real solutions. Our unified principles encourage people, despite their political views, to see that we can achieve by working as a team rather than forming “sides”.

The duopoly, with help from the entertainment industry and the mainstream media, have pitted us against each other, ensuring friction between people. We at the Unity Party think differently. Instead of focusing on myopic political dogma and expecting others to do the same, we mimic real-life. We expose people from differing backgrounds and beliefs to each other for brainstorming real solutions to issues that the 99% of this country faces. We are not an echo chamber allowing only herd groupthink. We are not clones or a melding of the Republican and Democrat Parties; we are something entirely different.. we are the UNITY PARTY.

Our Mission

As inhabitants in an ever-shrinking world, it is essential that we learn to collaborate and peacefully co-exist . Regardless of political stance, current issues such as our fragile economy, balancing the budget, climate change concerns, ongoing wars, and infringements of our autonomy plague us all.  We encourage our members and action-oriented candidates to focus on these threatening obstacles, and prove that shared problem-solving  brings us closer together.