December 2020 Forward Friday Minutes


/ December 2020 Forward Friday Minutes

December 2020 Forward Friday Minutes

Unity Party December 2020 Forward Friday Zoom Meeting Minutes

  • Monthly National Zoom Meeting (open to all members) – 3:00pm MST
  • Attendance
    1. Eric Bodenstab
    2. Bill Hammons
    3. Elijah Herson
    4. Bob Kuhn
    5. Critter Milton
    6. Tim Wolf


  1. County Websites
  2. 2022 Candidates
  3. January Meeting
  4. Colorado Member Numbers
  5. Voter Lists in Colorado
  6. Idaho Updates – Bob Kuhn

County Websites

  • Boulder site ( is up and running, though will be renamed to perhaps
  • Having a replicable template or a WordPress theme will help growth of state and local parties
  • Tim has a “stack” he can pass on.
  • There is consensus that a local focus will serve the interests best of State/National

2022 Candidates

  • Already there are several interested candidates
  • A Senate (US Congress) candidate pending announcement in Indiana
  • At home in Colorado – A Mesa County Sheriff candidate, very interested, past write-in, very likely to follow through soon
  • And very important for Colorado a 2022 Gubernatorial candidate has expressed interest. This will very likely be contested in the Assembly in 2022 (April)
  • Some debate over the best time to announce candidacy was discussed. Myself and another (Tim?) felt that waiting until Spring 2021 or later would be sensible and expected. However, Bill made a good argument that announcing now (when news is relatively slow) could provide a spark to an overall media environment that has perhaps had the air sucked out of it by pandemic and the presidential succession.

January Meeting

  • As stated at the beginning this is an open business meeting. All Uniters are welcome. (Though I have been asked by an incoming State House Rep about attendance and will clear with Bill and Critter if an invite should be extended in the future.)
  • In general, the meeting should be kept simple and short. It is important to start and end on time. (John Wooden the famous UCLA basketball coach makes this an essential point about team-building.)
  • This meeting will occur regularly on the second Friday of the month at 1:00 pm MST.
  • It would help to create a form on the National site ( that enables us to get more information about interested attendees. We would like to prevent anonymous call-ins, more so to get people involved. This form on the internet should be a permanent structure, not a month-to-month form. Bill will work to get this up.
  • We hope to have (9) attendees in January.

Colorado Member Numbers

  • Numbers are up over 3,000 and had risen sharply over the fall.
  • We expect some slow down as the election cycle cools for the winter (and spring).
  • Bill noted the Colorado Statute that requires anyone (certified & trained by the state) who is collecting Voter Registration Forms must submit a form that is registered for ANY party including Unity. This is obviously very hard if not impossible to enforce.
  • Voter lists in Colorado
  • Eric, as State Party Chair, is still receiving lists both for Larimer County (bi-monthly) and in March should receive the Secretary of State Voter Master History for free.
  • For now this list should give us enough to expand in Larimer County, where we have a need. Eric will provide to Critter at the State Party mailbox in Breckenridge (to be updated by Critter on Monday).
  • The National PO Box is 745742, Arvada, CO 80006. Please direct all correspondence there. (This was changed from Denver PO over the summer by Eric.)

Idaho Development

  • Bob Kuhn is the acting State Party Chair (there is no state party constitution yet).
  • Bob contacted the State Attorney General about having a registered party. Per statute there are a couple ways to have one created:
  • 13,000 petition signatures. (The Idaho AG is pushing us to proceed in this direction)
  • Three (3) National (Federal) candidates – anywhere in the US(?)
  • We will respond to the AG with a Letter from National Chairman Bill Hammons that we had in 2020 fourteen (14) National candidates, at various levels of sought government office. This should be sufficient to fulfill the state requirement.
  • The Alliance Party had Presidential Ballot access in Idaho.
  • The Constitution and Libertarian parties are only parties recognized by the state other than the D’s and R’s.

Closing thoughts

  • Cigars, but no smoke-filled rooms
  • American Solidarity Party, Alliance & Unity??
  • You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Ended 4:30 MST.



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