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/ Second 2020 Senate Candidate Launches Site

Second 2020 Senate Candidate Launches Site


September 19, 2019

Second 2020 Unity US Senate Candidate Rodriguez Launches Site


Joe Gibbs
Communications Director, United National Committee
[email protected]

Austin, TX – Second Colorado 2020 Unity Party US Senate Candidate Joshua Rodriguez (, who made history on Wednesday by making the first contested Unity Party primary election, launched his Senate campaign website of today.

“Naturally I’ll be using my site to address the issues I’d like to focus on as a Candidate,” says Rodriguez.  “And of course I’ll be focusing on the issues most important to my fellow Coloradans. This will be a listening campaign as much as a speaking campaign, and I aim to be the most-informed Unity Party US Senate Candidate on every level as we head to the Denver April nominating convention.”

“It’s good to see yet another Unity Party Federal Candidate campaign site get launched,” says United National Committee Chairman Bill Hammons.  “I encourage Colorado citizens to take advantage of the opportunity to run for office with the Unity Party in 2020. They just need to check that ‘Unity’ box on their voter registration form no later than January 2nd, and show up at the April convention for a show of hands to determine which candidates will run for which offices.  No one who wants to run will be turned away, as we aim to run a complete slate of candidates in the state, for US President to County Coroner.”


About Joshua Rodriguez

Joshua Jered Roriguez is the Director of One Arvada (a nonprofit benefiting homeless youth), has participated as a member of the Jefferson County School Safety Committee, and resides on the Arvada advisory committee for the newest update to the land development code in Arvada.  This married father of three grew up in Arvada, and his campaign website is

About the Unity Party of America

The Unity Party of America was founded on November 4, 2004.  This Centrist national political party now covers 40 States — latest State: Wyoming — is officially recognized at the State level as a result of successful Unity Party candidate petitions as well as at the Federal level (FEC # C00591313), and has fielded candidates several election cycles in a row. Its official website is

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