Support and join these Unity Party of America candidates running in 2022 and 2024! Candidates are listed by level of office (National, Federal, State, Local), then alphabetically as appropriate.

  1. Bill Hammons (Texas) > 2024 Candidate for President of the United States (Hammons’s Campaign Site)
  2. Donnie Harris (Indiana) > 2022 Candidate for Indiana US Senator
  3. Troy Brekke (Colorado) > 2022 Colorado House of Representatives District 1
  4. Reece Wright-McDonald (Pennsylvania) > 2022 Pennsylvania Senate District 8
  5. Randall L. Bowers (Tennessee) > 2022 Sullivan County, Tennessee Commissioner District 9

For Legacy Uniter Campaigns in Previous American Elections, click here

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  1. donnie harold harris

    The direction of Unity is from outward in. See you there.

  2. Tracy Smith

    I believe what Vicki suggested above. Things need to start at the lower levels such as starting at the city levels and moving up through state levels into the national spotlight. We have to start picking this current government apart by making changes at lower levels to prove that the platforms of this party are effective and work at lower levels. Once the proof exists then move up the ladder. Jumping in at the top level expecting to be an immediate player at the table where the game is rigged for only one of two entities to win seems hazardous. Start low and sneak up on the two other players and surprise them with a resume that cannot be denied.

  3. Vicki

    I’m in support of this ‘plan, but believe we should be starting at the state level. We need support in the House and Senate otherwise getting our ‘team’ in office will do no good if the R & D block everything as the Dems have done for 4 years already. Prove the ‘plan’ works in several states first. Its hard for some of the older generation who still vote, change the way they think/vote unless shown how it will look like with a success story.

  4. Scott Coston

    Way too late!

    These problems didn’t just pop up. Grassroots requires time.

    No doubt the Representatives in power are NOT representing what’s good ethically & morally…

    ZERO Collaboration for years.

    Where is your reality check. You have about 2 months!

  5. billhammons

    One step at a time, my friend.

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