Gary Swing

To Represent & Serve:
Colorado Secretary of State
Election Year: 2022

Gary Swing is a spokesperson for the organization Best Democracy, which advocates for proportional representation voting systems. Gary was the Vice Chairman of the Colorado Coalition for Fair and Open Elections, a coalition of eight alternative parties that lobbied for ballot access reform in the 1990s to make it easier for minor party and independent candidates to get on Colorado’s ballot. Gary has worked as a public policy researcher and a cultural events promoter. He currently works as a produce clerk for an organic foods market. Gary climbed all of Colorado’s 637 mountains over 13,000 feet and backpacked the “Triple Crown Trails:” (Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide).

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“U.S. Voting Systems Should and Can Better Reflect Diversity in Representation.” Commentary by Gary Swing in The Urbanist: