Tijani R. Cole

To Represent & Serve:
US Senator from Colorado
Election Year: 2022

I am a lifelong advocate for bipartisan politics. I have been very active in the community and have served on many volunteer boards and committees. I have a strong law enforcement background and have served in the judiciary for over twenty-nine years. I am a founder and a Board member of five Charter schools. I hold five college degrees and am a college professor locally and nationally. I have trained Judges from around the world.

I launched my campaign for the Colorado State Senate to change how things are done in our community for the better. I aim to bring inclusive bipartisan representation to the state. I seek to restore the people’s faith that their voices will be heard, and not drowned out by partisan politics. Hard work and fairness should mean something. Middle-class values do matter!! I plan to fight for small businesses so that they can be a part of the middle-class resurgence here in Colorado.

I will fight hard for Rural Colorado and make sure that our rural areas have better access to healthcare and educational resources. I plan to partner with our Oil and Gas companies and other industries to increase jobs and protect our natural resources for years to come. I truly believe that there IS a way to provide safety to our communities, respect local control, and work together for common sense solutions.

I will lead the fight for better transportation via mass transit and improving roads.

Education reform is also important. We must find ways to improve quality with the funding we have and reduce the over-testing of our students. We must make education more easily accessible to more non-traditional populations.