Tim Wolf

To Represent & Serve:
US House – Colorado District #2
Election Year: 2022

Tim Wolf is the acting chair of the Unity Party of America and has spent his life striving for a new approach to politics. He holds the view that neither left nor right is right but that we have to seek balance in the way we approach politics. While politics can be a driver of much strife egged-on by deep-seeded beliefs, its when we open our eyes and ears to see and hear a different perspective that we make real progress.

Though mostly working to eliminate the stranglehold of the two-party system in America, Tim has a passion for education, entrepreneurship, and community building. By harnessing the forces of a large number of people working together, we can create a system where we don’t all feel like we have to either waste our vote or vote for someone we don’t actually admire. It all starts with each of us coming together to stand for the principles that make us a great community: understanding, passion, self-leadership, and caring for our fellow human.