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  1. David Mikeska > 605-863-9858 > South Dakota State Chair & Sr. South Dakota United National Committee Representative

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  1. David Mikeska

    Written by one of the wises man in his age, still holds true to today. Written in Ben Franklin’s diary in 1731:

    “That few in public affairs act from a mere view of the good of their country, whatever they may pretend; and tho’ there actings bring real good to their country, yet men primarily consider that their own and their country’s interest was united and did not act from a principle of benevolence.”

    “That fewer still, in public affairs, act with a view to the good of mankind.”

    “There seems to me at present to be great occasion for raising a United Party for Virtue, by forming the virtuous and good men of all nations into a regular body, to be governed by suitable good and wise rules, which good and wise men may probably be more unanimous in their obedience to, than common people are to common laws.”

  2. David Mikeska

    Over the years of observing the politicians of the Democratic and Republican Parties that are elected to the great state of South Dakota. I find that they represent their party’s agendas and the corporate lobbyist interest over the interests of the people of South Dakota. So there is definitely a need for citizens to step forward and represent the interest of other South Dakotans and to secure the safety and liberty of all.

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