Officers of the United National Committee of the Unity Party of America (duly elected for four-year terms beginning January 1, 2019, per the Unity Party Constitution):

  • Bill Hammons, Chairman
  • Galen Bercaw, Vice Chairman
  • Eric Bodenstab, Treasurer
  • Chris Otwell, Secretary

Current State Representatives on the United National Committee:

  1. Randy Cooper, Unity Party of Alabama Representative (Duly elected 4/27/2019)
  2. R.A. Danner, Unity Party of Arizona Representative (Duly elected 7/30/2018)
  3. Trently Mullins, Unity Party of Arkansas Sr. Representative (Duly elected 4/22/2018)
  4. James Ogle, Unity Party of California Sr. Representative (Duly elected 11/18/2014)
  5. Dylan Raines, Unity Party of California Jr. Representative (Duly elected 8/26/2016)
  6. Aidan King, Unity Party of Colorado Sr. Representative (Duly elected 4/9/2016)
  7. Chris Lauer, Unity Party of Connecticut Sr. Representative (Duly elected 10/29/2015)
  8. Adam Alonzi, Unity Party of Florida Sr. Representative (Duly elected 8/12/2014)
  9. Adham Hamilton, Unity Party of Florida Jr. Representative (Duly elected 2/19/2017)
  10. Blake McGee, Unity Party of Georgia Sr. Representative (Duly elected 11/7/2014)
  11. Mark Lo Casto, Unity Party of Georgia Jr. Representative (Duly elected 9/4/2017)
  12. Steven Danielsen, Unity Party of Illinois Representative (Duly elected 7/30/2013)
  13. Parker Ward, Unity Party of Louisiana Representative (Duly elected 12/15/2010)
  14. Ali Faraz, Unity Party of Maryland Sr. Representative (Duly elected 5/27/2017)
  15. Chaney Lum, Unity Party of Maryland Jr. Representative (Duly elected 9/17/2018)
  16. Roger Nichols, Unity Party of Missouri Representative (Duly elected 6/29/2013) > Deceased
  17. Wesley Smith, Unity Party of New Hampshire Representative (Duly elected 8/1/2018)
  18. Chris Gearhart, Unity Party of New York Representative (Duly elected 12/28/2015)
  19. Isaiah Adams, Unity Party of North Carolina Sr. Rep. (Duly elected 10/29/2016)
  20. Jarrod Jarman, Unity Party of North Carolina Jr. Rep. (Duly elected 11/13/2016)
  21. Dillion Marody, Unity Party of Oklahoma Representative (Duly elected 9/2/2019)
  22. Toonay Ayers, Unity Party of Pennsylvania Representative (Duly elected 12/28/2015)
  23. John Ward, Unity Party of South Carolina Sr. Representative (Duly elected 6/17/2014)
  24. Rich Hammons, Unity Party of South Carolina Representative (Duly elected 7/27/2018) > Deceased
  25. Hunter Crow, Unity Party of Texas Sr. Representative (Duly elected 7/22/2015)
  26. Robert Beatty, Unity Party of Texas Jr. Representative (Duly elected 10/24/2016)
  27. Kyle Moon, Unity Party of Utah Representative (Duly elected 10/15/2010)
  28. Tim Bradshaw, Unity Party of Virginia Representative (Duly elected 6/24/2016)
  29. Andrew Rusher, Unity Party of West Virginia Representative (Duly elected 7/27/2018)
  30. Levi Hancock, Unity Party of Wyoming Representative (Duly elected 7/10/2019)

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    I am seeking party affiliation as an Independent candidate for Office of President, 2020. I was a registered candidate in the 2015-16 Presidential campaign and election years, however, I was censored and was not given access to the public by means of media and newsprint in the State of Alabama or elsewhere. It is vital that I address the general public on issues and to present my platform. I would like to offer the State of Alabama and this country an alternative option for economic and national security concerns. Do you know of any 501(c)3 Organizations who will sponsor PSA advertisements detailing the issues involved? I would like to speak with your members and the public concerning options for implementation of new civilian and military transportation, jobs, etc. and supporting infrastructure for economic growth. A grassroots campaign is still needed to make this option available to the nation in 2020.

    William Bowhall

    Phone: (334)610-6130
    Filing ID# FEC-1331440
    Comm. ID# C00706945

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