Welcome to the Unity Party of New Jersey! Are you a proud New Jerseyan who’s interested in becoming an active supporter of the Unity Party of America? Then join the Unity Partysupport the Party, and join our national party Facebook group! You’ll be glad you did!

  1. Matt Walsh, Mercer County Chair, New Jersey Senior United National Committee Rep.
  2. Joe Giambelluca, Mercer County Vice Chair
  3. Alexander Kaiser, Ocean County Chair, New Jersey Junior United National Committee Rep.

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  1. Mario Braico

    Will you please send me information about your party stand for .send me your phone number.

  2. Mario Braico

    I like to know more information of the Unity Party, please send me what are the religious beliefs of this Party , and what this party stand for. Also send me your phone number I like to talk to people via phone not by text messages

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