You might be asking why we ask new party members for their mailing addresses.

The simple reason is that your fellow Uniters need assurance that you’re a real person with real intentions to become active with the Unity Party of America, and also for the practical reason knowing your location helps for networking efforts with fellow Uniters. We lay out our entire platform clearly and concisely, permit genuine and honest discussions on this site, on related social media, and elsewhere, and if you still can’t trust us with where you live perhaps the Unity Party is not quite a right fit for you for the time being, at least as an active member.

We do not list your mailing address on this or any other website, do not share your mailing address with any third party, and we don’t send you mailers (the one exception is that you might receive a personal thank you card from the Chairman for signing up with the Unity Party and/or donating to support the Cause).

United National Committee Chairman Thank You Card to Unity Party Donor

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