Click on any name below to view the LinkedIn profile of a Uniter, one of the many members of the Unity Party of America, ordinary Americans uniting to do extraordinary things for the country they so love.
And feel free to unite with your fellow Uniters via LinkedIn! It’s best to first send a request to Chairman Hammons (whose 6,000+ connections include many members of the Party), and wait for his connection confirmation so that you’ll only be a 2nd degree connection away from others on the below list.
  1. Bill Hammons > United National Committee Chairman & Unity Party 2020 Presidential Nominee
  2. Eric Bodenstab > United National Committee Treasurer & Unity Party 2020 Vice Presidential Nominee
  3. Elijah Herson > United National Committee Chief Creative Officer
  4. JP Driessen > Maricopa County, Arizona Chair
  5. Critter Milton > Unity Party of Colorado Treasurer & 2020 Colorado Congressional District 3 Nominee
  6. James Treibert > Adams County, Colorado Chair & 2020 Adams County, Colorado District 2 Commissioner Nominee
  7. Rob Corn > Arapahoe County, Colorado Chair
  8. Matthew Turner > Boulder County, Colorado Chair
  9. Troy Brekke > Denver County, Colorado Chair
  10. Paul Zaentz-Lewis > Douglas County, Colorado Chair
  11. Adam Alonzi > Alachua County, Florida Chair & Sr. Florida United National Committee Representative
  12. Jack Cukjati > Escambia County, Florida Chair
  13. Adham Micheil Hamilton > Leon County, Florida Chair & Jr. Florida United National Committee Representative
  14. Cameron Miller > Clayton County, Georgia Chair
  15. Steven Danielsen > Dekalb County, Illinois Chair & Illinois United National Committee Sr. Representative
  16. Henry Marquard > Iowa State Chair & Iowa Senior United National Committee Representative
  17. Jeremy Boss > Rockland County, New York Chair & New York United National Committee Jr. Representative
  18. Clarence Shubert > Virginia Vice Chair
  19. Levi Hancock > Wyoming State Chairman & Wyoming United National Committee Representative

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