Thank you for signing up with the Unity Party of America, and welcome aboard! We will add you to this national party site and/or appropriate state party site (such as the Unity Party of Colorado website) and be in touch with you shortly.

You don’t have to wait to hear from us to get started helping to grow the Unity Party!
  1. Click here or on the PayPal link below to donate the amount you pledged to the party (the United National Committee is the governing body of the Unity Party of America and your dollars will be used to fund party advertising, ballot access, and other grassroots outreach efforts)
  2. Email everyone in your Contacts list about the Unity Party and start a Meetup for fellow future Uniters, a Zoom online meeting, etc. (even if it’s only with a few others)
  3. Explore running for office with the Unity Party and/or encourage others to run as Uniters
  4. Post on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere) about the Unity Party using the hashtag #unityparty
  5. Call into talk radio shows like those that party founder Bill Hammons listens to and be sure to talk up the Unity Party
  6. Start a local (State or County) Unity Party website using a hosting service like GoDaddy
  7. Leave lots of (hopefully positive) comments throughout this site making your voice heard

9 thoughts on “Unity Party Membership Confirmation

  1. I read Manufacturing Consent in1992. Listened to all of Bill Hicks shortly after his death. Those two singular events shaped my views more than anything. I have volunteered before, but never have been motivated like is necessary now.

  2. Idaho is onboard and with Unity third party movement….we no longer trust the Republicans as they have not supported Donald Trump and the recent illegal election.

    As Andrew Jackson said…”We must preserve the Union!”

    Mike Hickerson

  3. I have said for a long time that American’s need more participation of third and fourth parties – to have the right for more choice. The Two-Party System is not working anymore. They have become too entrenched, too controlled by a small majority of Americans – and corporations, not the people. Our elected officials have been made subservient to corporate funds, forced to pay tribute through their first weeks of office. Forced to make contact and beg for funds. Yes, this is an act that is forced upon our own Federal Elected officials in order to be given consideration for opportunities to effect change, to vote, to represent their states.
    The result of course, is a system run by money, run by individuals who are more concerned over their own pockets than those of their constituents. A government run by greedy, self-interested actors.

    In order to give the power back to the people, there needs to be a large shift of power in our Government and government processes. I am here to see if there are any that feel the same way that I do.
    I would like to do my part to help with effecting a shift, to place my own part in the process of returning the government to the people, where it belongs.

    The Trump Presidency and it’s end is a tribute to these facts. In my opinion, I feel Americans are unaware of the power of greed . perhaps they know something is very wrong, but they don’t really understand where it comes from and how money is controlling their perspectives on our government.

    I would like to advocate for requiring elected officials and news organizations responsible and accountable for information presented to the public. Create laws that prevent ‘skewing’ of information related to election topics, especially during an election year. . I would like to advocate for laws that hold candidates responsible and accountable for information presented to the public during campaign events. I feel that presentation of ‘partial’ information is as dangerous as out-and-out lies. Americans deserve the whole truth about government activities, rules and regulations, about the true effects of government actions and funding. .. OK, I am rambling but I am here and willing to see what this party is about.

  4. I was trying to set up a monthly donation through my debit card. I could not get it done. keep moving me into Paypal. I do not have a count there. Please advise.

    1. Donnie, you should be able to just enter the amount and then punch “pay with debit card.” No PP account needed.

      I have your # and will be calling you about other issues. Thank you for your support.

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