Unity Party Membership Confirmation

Thank you for signing up with the Unity Party of America, and welcome aboard! We will add you to this national party site and/or appropriate state party site (such as the Unity Party of Colorado website) and be in touch with you shortly.

You don’t have to wait to hear from us to get started helping to grow the Unity Party!
  1. Click here or on the PayPal link below to donate the amount you pledged to the party (the United National Committee is the governing body of the Unity Party of America and your dollars will be used to fund party advertising, ballot access, and other grassroots outreach efforts)
  2. Email everyone in your Contacts list about the Unity Party and start a Meetup for fellow future Uniters, a Zoom online meeting, etc. (even if it’s only with a few others)
  3. Explore running for office with the Unity Party and/or encourage others to run as Uniters
  4. Post on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere) about the Unity Party using the hashtag #unityparty
  5. Call into talk radio shows like those that party founder Bill Hammons listens to and be sure to talk up the Unity Party
  6. Start a local (State or County) Unity Party website using a hosting service like GoDaddy
  7. Leave lots of (hopefully positive) comments throughout this site making your voice heard