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Welcome to the Unity Party of Texas! Are you a proud Texan who’s interested in becoming an active supporter of the Unity Party of America? Then join the Unity Party, support the Party, and join our national party Facebook group! You’ll be glad you did!

  1. Shirley Billingsley, Texas State Party Vice Chair
  2. Dave Smith, Texas State Party Secretary
  3. Dustin Armour, Texas State Party Treasurer
  4. Brad Benson, Bexar County Chair
  5. Greg Cortez, Bexar County Vice Chair
  6. Denny McWilliams, Collin County Chair
  7. Chris Day, Denton County Chair
  8. Steven Cottingham, El Paso County Chair
  9. Humberto Sermeno, El Paso County Vice Chair
  10. Bart LeMay, Harris County Chair
  11. Jamie Rascoe, Harris County Vice Chair
  12. Tom Steen, Harris County Assistant Vice Chair
  13. Colby Rhea, Hood County Chair
  14. Robert Beatty, Stephens County Chair & Texas Jr. United National Committee Representative
  15. William Shannonhouse, Tarrant County Chair
  16. Hunter Crow, Tarrant County Vice Chair
  17. Richard Jamison, Travis County Chair