Welcome to the Unity Party of Tennessee! Are you a proud Tennessean who’s interested in becoming an active supporter of the Unity Party of America? Then join the Unity Partysupport the Party, and join our national party Facebook group! You’ll be glad you did!

  1. Ronnie Henley, Dyer County Chair & Senior Tennessee Representative on United National Committee
  2. Wade Swicord, Hamilton County Chair
  3. Randall Bowers, Sullivan County Chair
  4. Kathy Pearson, Washington County Chair & Junior Tennessee Representative on United National Committee

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  1. randall bowers

    I should have my campaign website up next week

  2. randall bowers

    I am running for Sullivan county commissioner district 9 in the August 2022 General Election.

    1. randall bowers

      Has there been any party candidate elected to any office in the US

  3. randall bowers

    Does the Unity Party have ballot access in any states

    1. randall bowers

      Are there other folks in my area interested in the unity party?

  4. Wade Swicord


    Ready to get something moving here in Chattanooga. Send a note to confirm contact.


    1. randall bowers

      When you get the opportunity give me a call at 423 732 2286 to discuss party growth in Tennessee. Maybe we all can do a zoom meeting soon

      1. randall bowers

        Are we going to have a state chairman and other officers soon

        1. billhammons

          Randall, you should reach out to other members listed on this page and arrange a start party meeting to formally form and elect officers. I for one have met Ronnie Henley multiple times. Let me know if you don’t hear back from him at least.

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