Unity Party of New York


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Welcome to the Unity Party of New York! Are you a proud New Yorker who’s interested in becoming an active supporter of the Unity Party of America? Then join the Unity Partysupport the Party, and join our national party Facebook group! You’ll be glad you did!

  1. Juanita Stadler, Cortland County Chair
  2. Sherman Reickhart Jr., Erie County Chair
  3. Doug Moosbrugger, Erie County Vice Chair
  4. Chris Gearhart, Erie County Asst Vice Chair & New York United National Committee Sr. Representative
  5. Jason Ciani, Erie County Deputy Asst Vice Chair
  6. Andrew Petagna, Kings County Chair
  7. Leonard Wahl, Nassau County Chair
  8. Gary Grella, Nassau County Vice Chair
  9. Grayson Webster, New York County Chair
  10. JW Danks, New York County Vice Chair
  11. Jeremy Boss, Rockland County Chair & New York United National Committee Jr. Representative
  12. Allan Stern, Westchester County Chair