Unity Party of America Mission Statement:

Unity shall strive for a United America where peoples of all parties and backgrounds shall come together on common ground and move forward together as a nation to create a better country for current and future generations of Americans.

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Unity Party Quintuples Official Recognition With Florida & Massachusetts!

…The Unity Party of America platform which is clearly articulated on their website, where they endorse a balanced budget amendment, eliminating the federal income tax, and congressional and judicial term limits among plenty of other issues.”

The Denver Post

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The Unity Party has already fielded its first 2022 & 2024 Candidates!

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The Latest 20 Uniters to Join the Unity Party of America:

(The more active of the 3,000+ official Colorado Uniters are listed on unitypartycolorado.com)

  1. Randall Bowers > Sullivan County, Tennessee
  2. Chance Johnson > Ada County, Idaho
  3. Naya Gambino > Butte County, California
  4. Shilo Jones > King County, Washington
  5. Jacque Decker > King County, Washington
  6. Colin Young > Dukes County, Massachusetts
  7. Sky Setzer > Leon County, Florida
  8. Ted Ragsdale > Ventura County, California
  9. Juanita Stadler > Cortland County, New York
  10. Cory Marshburn > Onslow County, North Carolina
  11. Humberto Sermeno > El Paso County, Texas
  12. Timothy Peck > Amherst County, Virginia
  13. Michael Scott Hickerson > Custer County, Idaho
  14. Jade Apomayta Bai > San Diego County, California
  15. Baruch Atta > Baltimore City, Maryland
  16. Donnie Harold Harris > Marion County, Indiana
  17. Robert Hipkins > Cabarrus County, North Carolina
  18. Ian Peters > Multnomah County, Oregon
  19. Gavin Peretti > Montgomery County, Maryland
  20. Jazz Mitchell > Clark County, Nevada

71 thoughts on “Not Right. Not Left. Forward In 45 States.

  1. Unity Party of America site now up and running in WordPress. You may now leave comments with just your email address.

  2. This is it. This is how democracy survives. This is how we will elect leaders who share principles for the common good.

  3. I like the idea of a “Unity Party” I think that taking centrist views on political issues right now would be a huge benefit to our country. I am curious about the platform for the party. It says “affirms the second amendment” but nothing else. What does that mean? Does the party call for assault riffle bans, limited magazine capacities, and stricter background checks, or is there a better approach the party would take? Also, I didn’t see anything on the platform site about immigration. Does the party have a different view on how to approach a wall, or want to throw out the idea all together? Instead of those options does the party suggest focusing on immigration reform and how? I love the idea of a Unity Party! I would also appreciate more information on what enacting these policies look like, and addressing a broader range of relevant topics like immigration and economic stances. All the best!

  4. I may run for West Virginia State Senate in the 2022 election.


    I don’t support assault rifle bans or limited magazine capacities, I support well regulated State Militias. The second amendment wasn’t meant to apply outside of the State Militia(s).

    We need full immigration reform but we also need to be willing to enforce immigration laws that are already on the books.

    Andrew Rusher – Chairman of the Unity Party of West Virginia

  5. Thanks for your questions and your interest, Justin. Which state do you live in?

    I announced my intention to seek the Unity Party of Colorado’s nomination for the U.S. Senate at the party’s 2019 state convention. Voters who are affiliated with Colorado’s Unity Party will vote or whether or not to approve candidate nominations at the Spring, 2020 state convention.

    I was previously a Green Party candidate. However, Colorado’s Green Party has been taken over by an extremist faction.

    I have my own campaign message. See: https://theswingvote.wixsite/unity

    I appreciate Unity Party activists welcoming me to participate in the party’s nomination process.

    There is a debate concerning whether the Second Amendment secures a collective right or an individual right to keep and bear arms. I view the language of the Second Amendment’s independent clause as banning legislators from infringing upon an individual right to keep and bear arms.

    The Second Amendment is a product of a different age before standing armies became institutionalized.

    I agree with Thomas Jefferson that every generation should create its own constitution. The issue of private gun ownership rights should be debated at a new constitutional convention.

    Private gun ownership is not an issue I focus on. I’m more concerned about weapons controlled by the government. I believe the U.S. military should be strictly limited to non-offensive defense of U.S. territory. No one should possess weapons of mass destruction. I support signing and ratifying the 2017 International Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, adopted by 122 nations.

    I oppose the construction of a border wall. It would be an environmentally destructive waste of resources. I support fair trade policies to protect labor, human rights, and the environment. Fair trade should promote local self-reliance, not foreign corporate domination. I support freedom of travel and migration, and international work permits that are not tied to a particular employer.

  6. Care to explain what you people stands for? Yeah I know you guys are centrists but I need to know what you guys real vision in United States. Most importantly, what solution are you guys thinking that perhaps will improves the quality of life of American citizens? Btw, in case you were wondering , I am puerto rican.

  7. So I am personally intrigued by this party’s stance. How does this party view what happened with the Church Photo Op and the Black Lives Matter movement? Personally, I am a progressive, though I am interested in seeing this party’s values.

  8. XV. Make Minimum Voting and Donating Ages 16

    “”When Americans are old enough to drive at 16, they’re old enough to make political donations and vote in elections; conversely, Americans should not be able to make political donations if they’re not allowed to vote in the first place.””

    Article 15 is going to be a problem for me. I think making the voting age 16 is a terrible idea. So much so that this might just be a deal breaker for me.

    That being said, I think that is why most of us are here. The ability for us to talk these issues through and try to come to an agreement.

  9. I am so sick of the other parties not wanting to unify this country. Was thinking of Lib party, but her alliance with a communist group was very concerning. We need to protect all people’s rights and help unify the people of the country.

  10. Good ideas here and there. Centrism requires a patient desire to get down to the facts and to let facts, not emotion, rule our decisions. Centrism demands we look beyond what is considered “right” and “left” and return to the founding documents for answers. Ideally, a centrist will want to preserve traditional American values because ideologies such as Marxism were not part of the original plan. Centrism is a huge challenge in a highly charged hyperactive political environment. While I think it’s intellectually possible to be a centrist at the present time, in reality, centrists will have a difficult time being heard.

  11. I think I will stick with the American Constitution Party. Protect our Country, border, unborn lives and the Bill of Rights.

  12. Here is a quote from the Gary’s website, the man claiming to he nominated by this party.

    Gary Swing stated: “Rather than pursuing endless warfare, we should set a goal to eliminate world hunger and make sure that everyone has access to safe drinking water.” He also stated: “Our system of government should be redesigned to be as inclusive and representative as possible, not as exclusionary as possible. I propose to abolish the US Senate, eliminate the Electoral College, strictly limit the power of the President, and decentralize authority in the hands of a Congress that is elected by an open party list system of proportional representation. Everyone should have the right to fair representation.”

    In his comment, he stated he left the green party because it became radical. Wow, I would like to know his definition of radical because he fits the bill for my definition of it

  13. I have always been a critical thinker. But most of all I like to cut through the nonsense and collaborate to the most effective and appropriate middle-ground possible. What is frustrating about current American politics is that they have to be polarizing from left or right. Social Media is the perfect tool to jab opponents and parties using memes that shame them without the worry of fact-checking. Other than just being a shameful and an unethical practice, this is harming our progression of critical thinking. Believing or even unconsciously being swayed is too easy, and humankind is attracted to conflict.

    Considering all of this I have now become a debater to reel in both sides into discussions on realizing what the true topics are, should be, and to ignore the smoke and daggers we are being blinded by. There are many good points on both sides. I believe most people walk this middle path but are too concerned about being associated with those from the other side. When passion drives change, we can see it. Unfortunately I do not see much passion in politics after election day. I am looking for a party that can help split the chaos and address the real issues. Sit down and debate, not to merely talk the talk, but to have an agenda for non-partisan solutions. I want to vote for representatives that are passionate. As I have moved from Colorado to Stafford VA, near our nation’s capital, I have an even stronger urge to help heal our nation and unite the population toward a brighter future. I do not agree with everything on this page, but I am willing to debate them and find the root cause of the concerns and challenge each of us to come up with the best solutions (solutions that are always putting our citizens first, not personal greed). I have a lot of ideas to get us there, and have a drive that may push me to run for an office one day, one I could make a difference in. For now, I want to see if this party has these shared aspirations, and if so, how can I help?

  14. Joann Flanagan, I have no idea what you’re talking about. As I’ve pointed out in comments elsewhere, the Unity Party has no position on abortion. If that’s your issue, vote for the candidate, not the party.

  15. I don’t believe that the Unity party should run for presidency until we atleast have around 5% of the seats in congress, possibly more. I feel that having a congressional presence will increase the public’s trust that a Unity party government can exercise some powers of gov’t. I’ve been highly reluctant to vote third party because, I’ve felt that the other 2 will just refuse to work with the executive branch at all if a third party were to have achieved an election win.
    I also believe we should be pushing for runoff or rank based voting. An example is this: Suppose you have 4 candidates, A B C D. Suppose you hate A but agree heavily with D, less so C, and somewhat with B. If you put 1 for D, 2 for C, and 3 for B that is your preference. Now in the first round, D has the lowest amount of votes, in the second round your vote will be added to C, and so on… This way someone can securely vote third party, and encase said vote is not for a winning candidate, it goes up the chain to someone else you agree with. It may be complicated but, I feel it would help the democratic system be 1) more fair 2) more open to third parties and 3) far more representative.

  16. The party has some interesting, if somewhat vague, ideas. In order to be taken more seriously, you need to professionalize the website, platform, marketing and outreach, etc. You’ll probably have to see if there are other alternative parties with which you can at least develop coalitions, if not possibly merge.

    The problem with being centrist, if that’s the case, is that you take up a less-defined ground within the context of the multi-party system, which is, in fact, mostly a two-party system.

    If you look at parties throughout American history, the ones that survive in some form or other are those that can grow and adapt. Obviously, neither of the two major parties are anything like their progenitors. And every third party, up until the late 20th century, have disappeared. Even the Green Party is a shadow of its former self.

    If there are current parties, or members of major parties you can peel off, that should be the goal. Otherwise you remain a novelty party.

    1. I just saw Zachary Taylor’s comment from September that was directed to me.

      I never said that I left the Green Party because it became “radical.”

      I left the Green Party because the state chapter in Colorado was taken over by am extremist faction that has turned it into a totalitarian hate group. The demagogue who orchestrated a hostile takeover of the Green Party of Colorado on 2017 and early 2018 carried out a series of Stalinist purges to ban numerous Green Party local chapters, members, organizers, and prior candidates from the rights to vote, participate, or seek representation within the Green Party. The state Green Party has been fundamentally restructured so that it is controlled by an unaccountable, heavily censored, restricted access online council.

      The Green Party of Colorado has been operating outside of state election laws and outside of its own legitimate bylaws ever since the last legitimate state party convention was held in 2016.

      The situation will not be remedied without successful legal action taken against the faction that has seized absolute control over the Green Party of Colorado’s organizational structure and ballot line.

      In early 2017, members of the Green Party of Colorado filed an extensive complaint with the Green Party of the United States against state party demagogue Andrea Merida Cuellar for authoritarianism and corruption. After a year and a half of dragging their feet, the GPUS took no action to address the problem. Andrea and her supporters retaliated against Green Party members who signed the complaint against her by banning them from the right to participate in the Green Party of Colorado.

      See the index at http://www.restoregreenvalues.org for extensive documentation of what happened to the Green Party of Colorado.

      Andrea Merida Cuellar became the campaign manager for Howie Hawkins, the 2020 Green Party nominee for President. Hawkins has already announced his intention to run for the Green Party nomination for president again in 2024.

      Andrea is now orchestrating a hostile takeover of the Green Party of Alaska.

  17. In my frustration with the current two party system and radicalism, both left and right, I starting searching to see if here were any “legitimate” centrist party alternatives in this country. I have found several. That’s the problem. How can we achieve legitimacy and get the centrist movement off the ground unless all these parties are consolidated in to one organization? As long as centrists are fragmented we will get nowhere. The current two party system is to well entrenched. Although I don’t know it the true Republican Party exists anymore. It’s name should probably be changed to the Trumpist party.

  18. Here is my proposed language for a statement by the Unity Party in the wake of the attack on the U.S. Capitol building:

    The Unity Party of America supports the call for Donald Trump to be immediately removed from office either by Vice President Pence and the Cabinet under the 25th Amendment, or by Congressional impeachment. Trump has always been incompetent to hold public office. His refusal to accept the peaceful transition of the office of president, his attempts to overturn the results of the presidential election, and his efforts to incite a violent coup attempt make him a clear and present danger to the people of the United States.

    The removal of Donald Trump would require bipartisan cooperation. Vice President Mike Pence, remaining cabinet members, and Republican members of Congress have a responsibility to take immediate action to declare Donald Trump unfit to hold the office of President to stop him from causing further harm in the days that remain before the duly elected new president Joe Biden takes office.

  19. I was all in until the comments to remove DJT. Let us all understand nobody on this earth is perfect by any means. DJT has the support of the majority of this country because HE believes in the will of the people. They United united him because he fights for us. Again he is not perfect and has significant flaws but what person doesn’t. We need to understand this moving forward. A party will never be successful if there is division, judgement and bias. Let us reflect on what the individuals who supported DJT want so we can form our own successful party that serves we the people.

  20. Soon the wind will blow clean a landscape we will notice that has changed. Like a flood, the edges of the landscape may be moved about. Yet, many things will still be known. The sun shines, the air clears, and we always will need to eat. The insecurities of a few men change our Republic. Now is the time to feel our motherly instinct and move forward as a whole nation under some higher power or powers. Hate does not prevail unless it is not disposed of. Things are said in the heat of pain, panic, and confusion. Heros are made, and new items become known. Yet the sun shines. Our country has made it, and we are one a United nation that can demonstrate to an uncertain world that all will be stable all will be fine. Reach out and say thank you for supporting this country to others. Thank you for supporting our fellow man An. Thank you mostly for the woman Umong us that give stability to our sometimes male shifting ways. Now let us accept who we are and who we are becoming by representing all of us in a direction for America’s single conclusion. The focus of a Unity People. A United Party of America. Unity today, unity tomorrow, and Unity till the day I die. Man does not live by a hand alone but by a united body. Donnie Harold Harris a Candidate for the United States Senate of Indiana 2022.

  21. It’s time time to reinforce free speech and denounce censorship, in our platform. In addition fight discrimination and hate speech based on different political views.
    These are critical times as the Democratic Party, works to take away our freedoms and cancel our views through hate and discrimination.
    We need to stand up against this tyranny!

  22. There has never been a greater need for a centrist third party in the US and I believe that the Unity Party can be that Party. After 30+ years as a senior Democratic Party Leader, I left the Party after being attacked for Centrist views. Our two major parties have become lost in their own ideological universes which make it impossible for them to talk and work together. Democrats are stuck in identity politics where race, gender, sexual identity have become the supreme determinants in evaluating someone’s capabilities. There is a push for ideological purity along the lines of a Green New Deal (which is neither). While the recent Covid legislation had some good ideas it went way beyond what was needed without any concern for cost. The proposed infrastructure bill goes way beyond roads, bridges and communication infrastructure, again without concern for cost. Democrats, the Unity Party shares your concern for social progress but wants to do it in a way which is fiscally responsible.
    The Republican Party has gotten lost. Its members show up with “Q” placards at events. Its congressional members have sworn loyalty to Trump and his big lie. Their plan for electoral victory rests on gerrymandering and voter suppression. In Iowa our GOP lead legislators passed laws eliminating gun permit and education requirements the day a mass murder occurred in Boulder Colorado. Rational Republicans should give up their quest to retake control of the party- which is doomed to fail and join a centrist party like the Unity Party. We’re now the party of Fiscal and Social responsibility, not the GOP. Join the Unity Party!

  23. I’ve thought about joining the Unity Party, but 2 concerns keep preventing me from doing so. First, the platform isn’t really “centrist.” It’s a mixed bag of liberal and conservative talking points. I’d like to find a party that takes balanced, responsible positions on important topics. Second, the party seems like the personal fan club of its founder. The same thing happened with the Reform Party decades ago. Comments?

  24. Replying to @eiflag
    I understand your concerns for sure and appreciate you looking into the Unity party. Before joining the Unity party I had some of the same questions, but a lot of that has been cleared up after being more active. Yes, we have a set “platform” and that can throw a few people off. I believe the platform listed on the site is really a way to start those conversations. I view a centrist as someone who has both right and left opinions… but also the ability to listen and view the opinions that they do not agree with. We shouldn’t force ourselves to find the middle, but rather the best option. Every person will agree and disagree with someone depending on the topic. What Unity does, is gives us the freedom to have our different opinions and political stances… but still sit at the same table and have positive discussion. I don’t fully agree with 100% of any platform or group, but Unity doesn’t require that.

    While Bill is the founder of the Unity party, this is not his fan club. I would be happy to sit down and disagree with Bill Hammons :). With that being said, he is very active politically and does put his heart and soul into this party. We are a collection of people with different ideas but the same common goal. Those goals are shared by the founder but not dictated by him.

  25. This is just a general question, how do you guys plan on growing your party because outside of Colorado not many people know about this party let alone heard of it

    1. Israel, look up because things are looking up for the Unity Party. As the headline says, we just quintupled the number of voters who can officially affiliate with us by adding Florida and Massachusetts to Colorado (if you think in terms of the Electoral College; it’s an even bigger increase if you don’t). Just being on a list of official voter affiliation options / officially recognized parties increases a party’s profile, and more publicity tends to generate more publicity > if the Unity Party one day becomes famous for being famous, I’m okay with that.

  26. I consider myself a fiscal conservative/social liberal (somewhat) and find the need for centrist politics more emergent now than any time in our history. We need a deliberate focus on solutions, not finger pointing like we currently see. There is no true attempts for common ground; only hate and division. The Unity Party platform listed on the website is interesting and seems to be in the right direction but it lacks depth/cohesiveness. My guess is that by being active the areas lacking will be explained. Is this platform continuing to evolve? How active is the party in SE PA? I am an ex-moderate Republican, current moderate Democrat looking for a party that better fits my views. This is only the 2nd party that I’ve seen that comes close. The other has great ideas but is a joke.

  27. Hey Mr. Hammond, I was wondering what is the Unity Party’s few on defunding the police/ criminal justice reform. As a active police officer and veteran I support a strong national and communal defense against wrongdoers. But I am also an open minded person who also wants all law abiding citizens to have the freedom to pursue their own path to happiness . I desire that those person’s be given a fair chance to succeed no matter their background, sexual orientation, economic status, religion, etc. Due to this mix of conserative and liberal ideals (what I consider more to be common sense and compassion for others and their needs) I have found identifying with any political party very difficult. This party so far is the first I’ve encountered that seems to share a majority of my views but in the particular case of law enforcement reform and funding I was hope you could shed some light on the parties stance. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  28. the time is for leaders to step up and build this party! can you be that leader? do you have moral courage to go against an entrenched system? Do you want better for your children and future generations? these are simple questions with simple answers and if you answer yes , then step up an become that leader!

  29. If anybody is wondering whether a third political party is preferred by the electorate, please see this link from Gallup and scroll down to the third poll:


    The results of the last two polls, going back to mid-September 2020, reveal that an average of almost 60% of respondents say a third party is “needed.” Not wanted, not desired, but needed.

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