Not Right. Not Left. Forward In 46 States.

Unity Party of America Mission Statement:

Unity shall strive for a United America where peoples of all parties and backgrounds shall come together on common ground and move forward together as a nation to create a better country for current and future generations of Americans.

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Unity Party Quintuples Official Recognition With Florida & Massachusetts!

…The Unity Party of America platform which is clearly articulated on their website, where they endorse a balanced budget amendment, eliminating the federal income tax, and congressional and judicial term limits among plenty of other issues.”

The Denver Post

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Media Inquiries should be directed to United National Committee Communications Director Evy Hines @ ev[email protected] or Deputy Communications Director Eric Bodenstab @ [email protected].
Requests to become a Uniter and join the Unity Party of America should be completed here.

The Unity Party has already fielded its first 2022 & 2024 Candidates!

Once you’ve donated to your cause to fund the continued development of this website and other outreach efforts and have become a Uniter, please check back frequently at our official Facebook discussion group as well as our official Facebook page to stay on top of the latest developments!

The Latest 20 Uniters to Join the Unity Party of America:

(The more active of the 3,000+ official Colorado Uniters are listed on

  1. Randall Bowers > Sullivan County, Tennessee
  2. Chance Johnson > Ada County, Idaho
  3. Naya Gambino > Butte County, California
  4. Shilo Jones > King County, Washington
  5. Jacque Decker > King County, Washington
  6. Colin Young > Dukes County, Massachusetts
  7. Sky Setzer > Leon County, Florida
  8. Ted Ragsdale > Ventura County, California
  9. Juanita Stadler > Cortland County, New York
  10. Cory Marshburn > Onslow County, North Carolina
  11. Humberto Sermeno > El Paso County, Texas
  12. Timothy Peck > Amherst County, Virginia
  13. Michael Scott Hickerson > Custer County, Idaho
  14. Jade Apomayta Bai > San Diego County, California
  15. Baruch Atta > Baltimore City, Maryland
  16. Donnie Harold Harris > Marion County, Indiana
  17. Robert Hipkins > Cabarrus County, North Carolina
  18. Ian Peters > Multnomah County, Oregon
  19. Gavin Peretti > Montgomery County, Maryland
  20. Jazz Mitchell > Clark County, Nevada