Constitution Party Member Outreach Fundraising Script

The below is the suggested script for reaching out to Registered Constitution Party members in Colorado and elsewhere:

Voicemail script to be used if future donor and Uniter doesn’t answer: “Hi John, this is Bill Hammons [Joe thought it would be a good idea for me to give you a call]. I’ll try you again later, but if you’d like to give me a call back my number is 3038196141. Thanks!

Candidate: Hi, is this John?

John Smith: Yeesss…

Candidate: John, this is Bill Hammons. 1) I’m calling you because you’re a registered member of the Constitution Party, and I thought you’d like to hear about the Unity Party of America. We support a Balanced Budget Amendment and Term Limits, and think you’ll be interested in the Unity Party. OR 2) Joe Smith gave me your number and might have told you that I’d be giving you a call about the Unity Party.

John Smith: What else do you support?

Candidate: We also support the Second Amendment. Can I send you a donation link so you can help support the Unity Party?

John Smith: I guess you’re asking for money.

Candidate: I’d also like to ask you to join the Unity Party (we’re an official voter affiliation option). Would you like me to also send you a link to the Secretary of State website so you can update your voter registration?

John Smith: Sure.

Candidate: Terrific. I’m gonna put you on speaker phone real quick. [Copy and paste into a new text]. Did you get that text?

John Smith: I did. Okay, I’ll join you.

Candidate: Terrific. John, let me also send you that donation link. [Copy & Paste into the body of a text message and send]. Got it? Great! Click on that link and let me walk you through the process. You’ll see that it takes you to the United National Committee PayPal donation page (that’s the Unity Party of America).

John Smith: K, I’ll donate a hundred bucks.

Candidate: Thank you for your support. And John, do you still live at 123 Main Street in Broomfield? We’d like to mail you a thank you card. [If a referral: And John, what’s your mailing address, so that we can send you a thank you card. Mailing addresses are important info for required Federal campaign finance reports.]

John Smith: That’s me.

Candidate: Glad we got that confirmed. While I still have you on the phone John, who else do you know wouldn’t mind getting a call regarding the Unity Party of America?

John Smith: You can call my son Jack.

Candidate: Great! What’s Jack’s #?

John Smith: 303-999-9999

Candidate: Got it. I’ll be sure to give him a call. And who’s the next person you know?

John Smith: That’s it for now.

Candidate: Fair enough. John, let me send you a text right now that you can forward to Jack to give him a heads-up that I’ll be calling [Copy & Paste this 160 character message (which should transmit as one unbroken message on most phones these days) and sub out the first name of the person you’re speaking to for the 9’s, maybe changing “please” to “pls” etc. if their first name is more than 9 characters in length: “999999999, please let those you mentioned know Bill with the Unity Party of America will be calling them to ask for their support.  His # is 3038196141. Thanks!“] Did you get the message?

John Smith: I did

Candidate: Terrific. Please be sure to send that right now, because I’ll be calling him soon and I’d like him to know what I am calling about. [If you didn’t ask for a mailing address earlier]> And John, could I get your mailing address to send you a thank you card? [Two reasons to ask for a mailing address: 1. It’s the right thing to do to mail a thank you card 2. FEC financial reports ask for the mailing addresses of many donors, especially the ones who make larger donations]

John Smith: 123 Main Street Apt 456, Broomfield, Colorado 12345

Candidate: Thank you. John, please be sure to let everyone we talked about know that I’ll be giving them a call soon, thanks again for your support, and have a great day!

John Smith: I’ll do that. Thanks for the call.

Candidate: You bet.

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