Resources for Candidates, Staff & Volunteers of the Unity Party of America

  1. Upraisers (Unity Party Fundraisers) page with Terms, Commission Schedule & Sign-up Form
  2. Upraiser Manager page with Titles, Terms, Commission Schedule & Sign-up Form
  3. List of All Active Upraisers
  4. Scout Sign-up page (see below)
  5. Hammons for President 2020 Candidate Fundraising Phone Script
  6. Hammons for President Labor Day 2020 Climb Fundraising Phone Script
  7. Phone Script for Reaching out to Registered Constitution Party Members
  8. Phone Script for Reaching out to Registered Green Party Members
  9. 2020-2022 Script for Reaching Out to Green Party Members

General Tips and Info for Upraisers and Prospective Upraisers:

  • Your Donors are your Donors > While we can’t prevent other campaigns and parties from calling your donors (even if we, as permitted by law, salt our FEC filings with fake donors), once you obtain a contribution to the United National Committee from a donor, that’s your donor exclusively to contact for future contributions, as long as you remain an active Upraiser. To discourage other Upraisers from trying to poach your territory, any contributions from your donors are yours and yours alone for commission purposes, even if another Upraiser prompted that contribution.
  • Finders’ Fees (for Recruiters) > Any American can help fund the Cause indirectly by spotting Top Talent. The United National Committee will pay a Finder’s Fee of 1% of Career Contributions to anyone who signs up with us as a Scout, and notifies us in advance of a prospective Upraiser who is hired (e.g., if you persuade Jane Smith to volunteer to become an Upraiser, notify us that you’ve contacted her about the Upraiser opportunity, and she goes on to raise $1,000,000.00 for the United National Committee of the Unity Party of America, we’ll pay you $10,000). All payouts to Upraisers must be reported in publicly-available FEC financial reports, so you can bank on us. And yes, it is both permitted and encouraged that you are a Scout and an Upraiser at the same time.
  • In addition to the above Finder’s Fees for Recruiters, The United National Committee will pay a Recruitment Fee of 1% of Career Contributions to anyone who Recruits a Recruiter (e.g., if Jane Doe recruits John Smith who recruits Jill Wilson who raises $100,000 as an Upraiser for the Unity Party, Jane and John each receive $1,000).
  • The best times to call Donors are from 9AM-10AM in the morning, from 12 Noon to 1PM (donors’ lunch hour) and from 4PM to 8PM in the afternoon/evening (legally, you are permitted to call any time from 8AM to 9PM any day of the week, but please keep in good manners and differing time zones).
  • When calling donors, always have a glass of water handy, stand while you’re talking, be well-groomed, dress as professionally as possible, and have a mirror trained on you to remind you to smile (appearance always comes through in your voice).
  • Be sure to write thank you cards to your donors and get those cards in the mail less than 24 hours after their donation > courtesy and professionalism make a big difference.
  • It’s to your own benefit to put your money where your mouth is and donate to the Unity Party yourself (even if it’s just $5). Practicing what you preach also comes through in your voice.
  • Closes
    • “Voting for you is a ‘Wasted Vote’ / ‘Split Vote’”
      • “A Vote is a Statement.  You don’t want to make a Statement for the Two-Party Status Quo.”
    • “I’ll take a look at it.”
      • “Yes, we indeed want you to look at it.  Take a look at what the two-party system is doing to our country.  Would you like to donate ten dollars or twenty dollars?”

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