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The padlock icon you see in the address field of this site indicates that this site is secured and encrypted by means of an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate installed on this website’s server. The SSL certificate helps ensure that you haven’t been directed to a bogus site and that the data you trade with a website (such as usernames, passwords, emails, credit card information, etc.) can’t be stolen or altered by bad guys. See this more detailed explanation by the company Verisign.

Speaking of bad actors, here is a list of official US Congressional websites and official campaign sites of sitting members of Congress all of which do not have (at least as of this writing) a padlock icon and therefore cannot be trusted with your info, much less with running the country (note that, among other things, the campaign websites are asking for your money):

3 Official US Congress Sites, 4 Republican Sites and 7 Democrat Sites Not Secure:

  1. Official Website of Office of the Clerk of the US House of Representatives
  2. Biographical Directory of the United States Congress
  3. Alabama US Senator Richard Shelby (R)
  4. Hawaii US Senator Mazie Hirono (D)
  5. Arizona 3rd District US Representative Raúl Grijalva (D) (Was unsecure as of August 2019; now new site)
  6. Arizona 4th District US Representative Paul Gosar (R) (Was unsecure as of September 2019)
  7. Texas 14th District US Representative Randy Weber (R)
  8. Texas 15th District US Representative Vicente Gonzalez (D)
  9. Texas 18th District Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D)
  10. Texas 19th District Representative Jodey Arrington (R)
  11. Texas 29th District Representative Sylvia Garcia (D)
  12. Texas 30th District Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson (D)
  13. Texas 31st District Representative John Carter (R) (Official US Congress website not fully secure)
  14. Texas 34th District Representative Filemon Vela (D)

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