2021 United National Committee Unity Party Press Releases Released

The below official Press Releases (aka News Releases or Media Releases) distributed by the United National Committee in 2021 are listed chronologically, the most recent releases appearing at top.

To receive releases, email mail@unityparty.us.

  1. Unity Party Quintuples Official Recognition With Florida & Mass.
  2. Unity Party Of Mass. Submits 116% Of Certified Signatures Needed
  3. Unity Party of Florida To Hold Founding Meeting Tomorrow Evening
  4. First Unity Party County Website Launched In Boulder, Colorado
  5. Unity Party of America Expands to 44 States with Massachusetts
  6. Harris of Indiana Declares As 1st 2022 Unity Party Senate Candidate
  7. Hammons: “Read the 25th Amendment Law, Lawmakers in Congress”

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