Official Unity Party Press Releases Released by the United National Committee

The below official Press Releases (aka News Releases or Media Releases) distributed by the United National Committee are listed chronologically, the most recent releases on top. To receive releases, email

  1. Unity Party Candidate Jerry Burton Launches Campaign Website
  2. Unity Demands Firings At Colorado Politics & Gazette Over Racism
  3. Unity Party Announces 2nd Wave of Nominations, for Total of 14
  4. Unity Party Presidential Ticket Seeks Combination Nomination
  5. Unity Party of America Expands to Hawaii and Idaho for Total of 42
  6. Unity Parties of Colorado & America Nominate Federal Candidates
  7. Unity Party of Colorado & America Conventions Go 100% Online
  8. Unity Party’s Unsecure Major Party Site List Grows Amid COVID-19
  9. Hammons Declares For President and Bodenstab Declares For VP
  10. Pi Day Colorado CD-5 Candidates Town Hall Coronavirus-Canceled
  11. Stephan “Chairman Seku” Evans Launches New Campaign Website
  12. Unity Party Moves Conventions as Coronavirus Hits Colorado
  13. Democratic Candidate Critter Milton Joins the Unity Party
  14. Keltie Named Chair of United Congressional Campaign Committee
  15. Approval Voting Party Applauds Times’ Vote for 2 Candidates
  16. United National & Colorado Conventions Set For Broomfield, CO
  17. Coloradan Dave Olszta 2d Uniter US House Candidate in 5 Hours
  18. Texas US House Candidate Karen Ben-Moyal Joins Unity Party
  19. Keltie Campaign Launches New Website
  20. ColoTexan Hammons Returns to Colo. to Run Keltie Campaign
  21. Eric Bodenstab Unity Party of America Communications Director
  22. Unity Party Thanks Secretary Griswold; Asks for 2nd Column
  23. Paul Noël Fiorino 4th Unity Party US Senate Candidate for Colorado
  24. List of Unsafe Sites Reaches Into Senate and Official Congress
  25. Unity Party US Senate Race Remains at 3; Hammons Might Make 4
  26. United National Committee Seeking Intellectual Property Lawyers
  27. United National Committee Considers Legal Action Against Yang
  28. 3rd 2020 Unity Party US Senate Candidate Launches Colorado Bid
  29. Unity Party’s Fellow Travelers Approval Voting Achieve Full Status
  30. Second 2020 Unity US Senate Candidate Rodriguez Launches Site
  31. Unity Party US Senate Race Becomes Contested with Rodriguez
  32. Unity Party Lists Unsafe Websites Perpetrated by US Congress
  33. 40-State Unity Party of America Relaunches Site

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