The Unity Party of America is open to endorsing candidates from all walks of life all across the country with different points of view. We just ask that you be familiar with the Unity Party of America platform, publicly support at least a few of the platform’s planks, and generally help spread the word about the Unity Party and its Centrist message by touting our endorsement on your website, in campaign materials, in advertising, in speeches and in media appearances as appropriate and explaining why our endorsement is so important. Endorsements will be announced by press release and endorsed candidates, especially candidates who are vocal about their Unity Party endorsement, will receive as much support as the Unity Party can provide.

Note that the Unity Party will generally not endorse a non-Unity Party candidate running in a race which already has a Unity Party candidate. Also, in light of the fact that many Unity Party endorsees seek our nominations only because they can’t receive an official Unity Party nomination in their state and appear on a general election ballot as a Unity candidate, we ask that endorsees make every effort to become active with the Unity Party with an eye on helping to officially establish the Unity Party in their state.

To request a Unity Party endorsement, please fill out the form below and/or email [email protected].

Official 2021 Unity Party Endorsements (to-date):

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