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Georgia State Governor, US Senators And Representatives

(Actual Candidate / Potential Candidate / No Website)

Georgia Governor and 2022 Georgia Gubernatorial Candidates

Georgia Governor
Brian Kemp
  1. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (Republican) (Kemp’s Campaign Site)
  1. Ex-State House Minority Leader, Lawyer, 2018 Nominee Stacey Abrams (Democrat)
  2. Augusta Mayor, Ex-State Senator, Ex-State Representative, Pastor Hardie Davis (Democrat)

Senior Georgia US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates

United States Senator
David Perdue
  1. United States Senator David Perdue (Republican) (Perdue’s Campaign Site)
  2. Documentary Filmmaker, 2017 US Representative Nominee Jon Ossoff (Democrat)
  3. Podcast Host, Iraq War Veteran, Ex-Republican, 2018 US Representative Candidate Shane Hazel (Libertarian)
  4. Tom Jones (Independent)
  5. Retired Police Officer, Veteran, 2018 Candidate for Sheriff in NC Clifton Kilby (Independent)
  6. Retired Police Officer, Retired Army NCO, Iraq War Veteran Darrell McGuire (Write-In)

Junior Georgia US Senator and 202US Senate Candidates

United States Senator
Kelly Loeffler
  1. United States Senator Kelly Loeffler (Republican) (Loeffler’s Campaign Site) [Appointed to replace Johnny Isakson until November Jungle Primary Special Election]
  2. Congressman, Ex-State Representative, Lawyer, Pastor Doug Collins (Republican)
  3. Minister, Network Engineer, Navy Veteran Derrick Grayson (Republican)
  4. Businesswoman, 2018 State Senate Nominee Annette Davis Jackson (Republican)
  5. Ex-US Education Dept Official, Educator, Businessman, Army Veteran Wayne Johnson (Republican)
  6. Educator Kandiss Taylor (Republican)
  7. Ex-Lithonia Mayor, Lawyer Deborah Jackson (Democrat)
  8. Businesswoman, USAF Veteran Jamesia James (Democrat)
  9. Businesswoman Tamara Johnson-Shealey (Democrat)
  10. Businessman, Ex-Teacher, Son of Ex-US Senator Joe Lieberman Matt Lieberman (Democrat)
  11. Doctor Joy Felicia Slade (Democrat)
  12. Ex-US Attorney, Ex-State Senator, Army Veteran Ed Tarver (Democrat)
  13. Pastor, Civil Rights Activist Raphael Warnock (Democrat)
  14. College Professor, Author, 2018 US Representative Candidate Richard Winfield (Democrat)
  15. Property Manager, 2018 State Senate Candidate John Fortuin (Green)
  16. Retired Real Estate Developer, Ex-Columbia County GOP Chair Brian Slowinski (Libertarian)
  17. Mediator, USAF Veteran Al Bartell (Independent)
  18. Attorney, Accountant Allen Buckley (Independent)
  19. Retired Teacher Michael Todd Greene (Independent)
  20. State Representative, Businesswoman, Democrat Valencia Stovall (Independent)
  21. Businessman, Ex-Congressional Aide Rod Mack (Write-In)

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