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Welcome to the Unity Party of Florida! Are you a proud Floridian who’s interested in becoming an active supporter of the Unity Party of America? Then join the Unity Partysupport the Party, and join our national Facebook group! You’ll be glad you did!

  1. Adam Alonzi, Unity Party of Florida Chair & Sr. Florida United National Committee Representative, acting Secretary-Treasurer
  2. Adham Hamilton, Unity Party of Florida Vice Chair & Jr. Florida United National Committee Representative 
  3. Sky Setzer, Leon County Vice Chair
  4. Erich Michael, Broward County Chair
  5. Jack Cukjati, Escambia County Chair
  6. Jessica Megan Simmons-Burch, Hernando County Chair
  7. Jeffrey Rennert, Indian River County Chair
  8. Robert McCloud, Jackson County Chair
  9. Jim Mankowski, Manatee County Chair
  10. Howard Kraemer, Okaloosa County Chair
  11. Mark Graham, Okeechobee County Chair
  12. Nancie Baden, Pinellas County Chair
  13. Brian Browder, Pinellas County Vice Chair
  14. Bob Wilhelm, Sarasota County Chair

  • Unity Party of Florida Chair Adham Hamilton & National Chair Hammons
  • Unity Party of Florida Vice Chair Adam Alonzi & National Chair Hammons