Unity Party’s Otwell CU Regent Nominee


/ Unity Party’s Otwell CU Regent Nominee

Unity Party’s Otwell CU Regent Nominee

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Unity Party’s Christopher E. Otwell CU Regent District 6 Nominee

Aurora, Colorado, August 21, 2020 (Friday) – Uniter Christopher E. Otwell has been nominated to fill the Unity Party nomination vacancy for University of Colorado Regent, 6th Congressional District (Aurora, Brighton, Centennial, Henderson, Littleton) created by the withdrawal of Uniter Robert Lee Worthey from the race.

“While there was a common consensus among Colorado Uniters that they were open to a newly-minted Uniter stepping up to represent Colorado’s 6th Congressional District on the CU Board of Regents, mainly because there are more and more of them with each passing day, the Vacancy Committee was unanimously gratified to see a veteran Uniter step forward,” says Vacancy Committee Chair Critter Milton.  “Chris ran for CU Regent At-Large in 2018, represented the party well, and we look forward to him doing even better in 2020 as all of Colorado starts to look more closely at the Unity Party of America.”

“As have been proven by COVID-19 and other factors, access to education for everyone must be easily obtainable and is a necessity for everyone who desires it,” says Otwell.  “As an educated and practicing professional in the field of Computer Science supporting various US Air Force Space Command programs, as a University Professor teaching others, and as someone who is actively pursuing a PhD as well, I am qualified to provide my insight and time to support the people of Congressional District #6 as a Colorado University Regent.  Looking forward, Science and Engineering needs to guide all important decisions and provide the leadership required to move Colorado forward into the future as a leading State in technologies and jobs.  Education opens opportunities and improves lives.  I’ve been involved with the Unity Party since the beginning, and look forward to seeing the best year yet for the party overall.”


About Christopher E. Otwell

Christopher E. Otwell has lived in Aurora for nearly a decade and in Colorado for nearly three.  He has worked in the Computer Engineering and Cyber Security fields for nearly 30 years now, leading engineering teams and mentoring other engineers to become better at what they do.  He’s been a University Adjunct Professor for 4 years now teaching others in Computer Science, Computer Architecture and Cyber Security.  Besides educating and mentoring others, Otwell is actively involved in the Colorado Magic the Gathering gaming community and is always willing to provide an opinion on any topic requested.  For over a quarter of a century he has been dedicated to working on and supporting the United States Air Force Space Command, the US Space Force and the Missile Defense Agency programs.  He understands the need for a strong Education, strong Leadership and a strong Military.  He’s the loving father of a college freshman and has been a registered member of the Unity Party of Colorado since 2014.

About the Unity Party of Colorado

The Unity Party of Colorado, the Centennial State affiliate of the 42-state Unity Party of America, has been officially recognized by the State of Colorado since D-Day, 2017 as an official party with the right to place its nominees directly onto General Election ballots, thanks to multiple successful petitions of Unity Party candidates over the preceding years. Its official website is https://unitypartycolorado.com.

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