United National Convention of the Unity Party of America
Saturday, April 4, 2020
12 Noon
(Immediately Following 10AM Colorado State Convention)
Online via WebEx (Not at Flatz Restaurant) > email mail@unityparty.us

***Before anything else, please note your attendance on the Facebook event page.***

Please RSVP for the Convention by messaging mail@unityparty.us with your full name, hometown, and same for all of your guests. Look forward to seeing you on April 4th!

Colorado Delegation

  1. Frank Atwood, Highlands Ranch
  2. Barbara Jean Avent
  3. Galen Bercaw, Longmont
  4. Eric Bodenstab, Arvada
  5. Jenn Bodenstab, Arvada
  6. Jen Dimas, Colorado Springs
  7. Stephan “Seku” Evans, Denver
  8. Paul Noel Fiorino, Denver
  9. Blake Huber, Denver
  10. Rebecca Keltie, Colorado Springs
  11. Critter Milton, Alma
  12. Dave Olszta, Lakewood
  13. Jesse Parris, Denver
  14. Joshua Rodriguez, Arvada
  15. Angie Sandoval, Denver
  16. Don Sather, Copper Mountain
  17. Fitzgerald Scott, Denver
  18. Gary Swing, Denver
  19. Matthew Turner, Boulder

Florida Delegation

  1. Adam Alonzi, Gainesville
  2. Adham Hamilton, Clearwater

Hawaii Delegation

  1. Allison Miller

Idaho Delegation

  1. Rob Kuhn

Texas Delegation

  1. Karen Ben-Moyal, Galveston
  2. Bill Hammons, Austin

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