May Of 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes


/ May Of 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes

May Of 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes

Unity Party May 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Meeting Minutes

Date: 5/14


  1. “Centerfield” Anthem @ 12:55
  2. Donation Link
  3. Unity Party of Colorado
  4. Unity Party of Florida
  5. Unity Party of Indiana
  6. Unity Party of Iowa
  7. Unity Party of Massachusetts
  8. Comment Bombing of the Month
  9. Wikipedia
  10. 2021 Parade season


  1. Bill Hammons (Host)
  2. Elijah Herson
  3. Tracy Swain
  4. Travis Brooks
  5. Troy Brekke
  6. Matthew Turner
  7. Randall Bowers
  8. Donnie Harris
  9. Adam Alonzi
  10. Critter Milton
  11. Henry Marquard (Joined late)
  12. Eric Standifer (Joined late)


  • Bill sent out paypal link for donation, brought up bumper stickers for $10
  • Travis Brooks speech… Running for Thompsons county legislator in NY. Has been serving the community in a greater activity center. Helps the minority population in his county. Goals: Reimagine police, drug reform, anything that helps the greater community. Has experience having family related issue at a young age which has given him the empathy and experience regarding helping others and going through tough times. Quote- “My view on the Unity party is that it represents people who get the work done in the middle, it’s about making things happen.” Running on the democrat ticket and looking for a unity endorsement.
  • Bill asked if he would be interested in running as a Unity party candidate later on, Travis states that he would be willing to do that.
  • Tracy asked how the voting status leans in his area – “Leans Democrat and the election is really just the primary.”
  • (After Travis left) – Bill went over endorsement vs nomination. Unity cannot currently give an official nomination, but we are able to endorse someone who is running.
  • Bill supports endorsing Travis (pre google search and research). Elijah thinks he falls in line with the Unity party so far. Critter agrees as well.
  • Bill will pause the endorsement if something strange is found with later research. If this happens, we will rediscuss with this current group.
  • Vote- For: 6 confirmed Against: 0 (others did not state either/or)
  • Matt Turner discussed the 5/22 Unity meeting that is taking place.
  • Critter confirms that 6/5 there will be a social hour in Arvada and then a zoom meeting
  • The vice chair of the Unity Party of Florida is now Adam Alonzi. Adam Hamilton is the chair. Unity party is now officially recognized in Florida. Bill sending Critter contact info for Florida contacts so that he can assist them with the treasury reports needed for the state. Critter is happy to help.
  • Unity Party is now officially recognized in Massachusetts. Collin Young is now the official Chairman. Bill got 58 signatures approved (8 over) to get this done. 
  • Donnie is running for US senate in Indiana. Donnie looking for assistance on setting up a Unity website. Elijah will reach out to Donnie to go over website creation.
  • Elijah following up with Henry Marquard and Eric Standifer regarding their states’ websites.
  • Bill asked everyone to follow the youtube channel, currently at 13 followers.
  • Also asked everyone to leave a comment on something on 
  • Wikipedia article for Unity has not been updated since January. Someone connected to the party is not allowed to alter the article related to their party so we are unable to do it. But it would be nice if the article was updated by someone who is not connected to the party.
  • Looking forward to 2021 parade season as covid restrictions are slowing down and situations are getting safer for public health. Looking to have anyone (Colorado specifically) to look into signing up for a parade.
  • Tracy brought up that getting a booth at a fair if possible, as well. Bill has done this in the past in Colorado, but they are more expensive.
  • We will send “new business” to Bill to put on the agenda for the June 11th meeting next month.



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