March 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes


/ March 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes

March 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes

Unity Party March 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Meeting Minutes

Monthly National Zoom Meeting – 1:00pm MST


  1. Bill Hammons
  2. Eric Bodenstab
  3. Elijah Herson
  4. Blake Huber
  5. Henry Marquard (Iowa)
  6. Rep. Lindsey Daugherty
  7. Nicole Turner (KS)
  8. Mike Hickerson
  9. Adam Alonzi
  10. Matt Turner
  11. Randall Bowers

Before the meeting began as people were still signing in, Rep. Lindsey Daugherty introduced herself, State Legislature (Colorado, HD 29). She spoke about here five bills that had (3) advanced out of committee and possibly been passed by the House. One Bill was for Juveniles to opt-back in to receive services if they had been emancipated. Another was for mandatory minimum not to follow juveniles into the system if they are tried as an adult. Presumably, a judge can still impose a harsh sentence if needed.
Rep. Daugherty left meeting after 10 minutes (leaving her email for future correspondence). Bill noted that it was the first time an elected official attended one of our meetings, Zoom or otherwise.


  1. Updates, meeting notes, general admin
  2. Unity Iowa, Florida
  3. 2022 Candidate, new one
  4. Websites
  5. Colorado and Boulder County updates
  6. Updates

Meeting Minutes

  1. Bill has had Bumper Stickers made for $10 each. After Eric’s Donation of $160, the proceeds should be invested back into the party for more merchandise or outreach.
  2. Noted that meetings are transparent and open, as Rep. Daugherty’s presence today further indicates.
  3. New Candidate – Tennessee
  4. Randall Bowers has declared for Sullivan County (East Tenn.) Commissioner. He says the Unity Party fits his values, and regards his candidacy as for the people. He was also proactive and registered twice with our National Party – Thanks!
  5. 25 signatures are all that’s required to get on the ballot. However, (I am unclear) if many more are needed to get “ Unity Party” as a byline. Petitioning opens in December of this year for the 2022 race.
  6. Henry Marquard offered in advance to make a donation once the campaign has officially kicked off.
  7. Unity Party of Iowa and Florida
  8. Elijah offered to help with websites for each to get going
  9. Henry Marquard in Iowa keeps stressing how many are leaving Republicans, but not finding a home with the Dems either. Outreach and a website will be essential to get things going.
  10. Adam Alonzi, plus one person to be identified can fill out Florida paperwork (precisely! – per sources, incl. Richard Winger, it must be done perfectly or will be rejected). Once done we will have a Party! Please clarify if that will give us Presidential ballot access like it does in Colorado, or what sort of petition requirements will exist for candidates in Florida. Bill offered to drive out this summer – if funded – to help get the ball rolling.
  11. Content is also not veering in any significant or deleterious manner from National or State.
  12. Websites
  13. Elijah will help with county and (I believe) state websites.
  14. Elijah said he can set up Mack-Truck protection, in case the webmaster up and disappears.
  15. Matt mentioned creating an App. Not a bad idea; what would it look like, do?
  16. Our YouTube channel needs more subscribers.
  17. Our website needs more comments!
  18. Colorado And Boulder
  19. Eric, with Bill’s prodding, suggested May 22nd as our State party convention where new officers will be decided. Press-release and notice in local paper (30 days in advance) to be done in the next few weeks.
  20. Outdoor venue or park will be the site, either in Arvada or Boulder.
  21. Matt Turner will see about Boulder option. Farrand Field.
  22. Matt has been in touch and interacting with R/D County Chairs, picks up some enthusiasm on their part.
  23. Matt has been calling all registered Uniters in Boulder County, using our voter registration database. Eric and Tim both have access.
  24. Matt is hosting an event on April 11th.
  25. Matt also suggested a partnership with Braver Angels; site was given in Zoom chat.
  26. Bill suggested getting registered for 2021 July 4th parades, as good as any advertising or website if 20+ people and signs.
  27. Eric noted that he or another new recruit should take advantage of Colorado’s new 2022 Congressional District #8. It is possible to declare for the newest one, that does not have an incumbent. Fits in with our National Party’s Fighting Gerrymandering Plank.

Ended 2:25 MST



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