Keltie & Freeland Challenge Lamborn To Debate


/ Keltie & Freeland Challenge Lamborn To Debate

Keltie & Freeland Challenge Lamborn To Debate

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Uniter Keltie & Democrat Freeland Challenge Lamborn To Debate

Colorado Springs, Colorado, August 6, 2020 (Thursday) – Colorado 5th Congressional District Unity Party nominee Rebecca Keltie ( and Democratic Party nominee Jillian Freeland ( challenge Republican incumbent Doug Lamborn to a debate hosted by a Colorado Springs TV station, either outdoors with a view of Pikes Peak to maximize safety, or in-studio (in the case of inclement weather).

“We are not going to let the COVID-19 Pandemic derail American Democracy, and Rebecca and I hereby challenge Congressman Lamborn to a three-way debate any one day in September after Labor Day,” says Democratic Challenger Freeland.  “For the health of the candidates and everyone they come into contact with, we will maintain social distancing and wear masks as appropriate.  Aspiring and elected officials must set a good example for the general public, especially given the lack of leadership from President Trump and his administration. In addition to a debate giving voters the information they need to make an informed choice in November, Congressman Lamborn has not held a public forum since April 12, 2017.  His constituents have questions about election security, COVID-19, and economic recovery, and refusing to participate in a debate is evidence of a lack of leadership and accountability to his voters.”

“I agree with Jillian, and look forward to giving the voters of the Pikes Peak region all of the options they deserve,” says Uniter Challenger Keltie.  “Denial is not a river in Egypt, nor is it a viable strategy, and I look forward to a debate which addresses all of the issues surrounding this Pandemic which have not been addressed by those in Washington.  Democracy dies in darkness, and let’s let God’s light shine on what’s really going on in our Country in 2020.  I’ll end with reminding everyone that today is the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima, and, as a veteran of life-and-death military campaigns, I’ll also remind our voters that our government needs to take this Pandemic seriously.  We need to declare war on this enemy which has landed on our shores, and shut down the Reality Shit Show.”


About Rebecca Keltie

Rebecca Keltie was born in Michigan, spent a quarter of a century in the Navy and Naval Reserves, served everywhere from Guam to Sicily, has one of two sons still serving in the military himself, and still believes that it’s possible to achieve progress as a Moderate in America today.  She lives in Colorado Springs and her campaign site is

About Jillian Freeland

Before running to represent Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District, Jillian Freeland owned and operated a private practice as a Registered Midwife.  She currently serves as a board member for various local district organizations and programs.  She’s fighting for the future she wants for her daughters and her fellow humans, namely complete healthcare coverage, clean air and water, and a government free of corruption.  Her campaign website is

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