June 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes


/ June 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes

June 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes

Unity Party June 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Meeting Minutes

Date: 6/11


  1. “Centerfield” Anthem @ 12:55
  2. Donation Link
  3. Unity Party of Colorado > Convention, 2021 Parades, SoS notification
  4. Unity Party of Florida > State report to be filed
  5. Unity Party of Indiana
  6. Unity Party of Iowa
  7. Unity Party of Massachusetts
  8. Comment Bombing of the Month
  9. Expansion


  1. Bill Hammons (Host)
  2. Elijah Herson
  3. Matthew Turner
  4. Eric Standifer
  5. Ryan Chaknova
  6. Lashawn Parris
  7. Ted ?
  8. Eric Bodenstab
  9. Adham Michaiel  Hamilton (joined late)
  10. Adam Alonzi  (joined late)
  11. Nathan Sigal (joined very late)
  • Bill asked for donations, posted paypal link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=XB86EFXD3MMQQ
  • Bill brought up the Colorado 2021 convention. Eric B stated who was elected as the 5 CO officers (can be found within CO site information). Congrats to the new officers (7 members, 5 officers)! Eric is waiting on contact from Joel A regarding the legitimacy of the convention so that it is confirmed. Needs to be in writing. Eric will send a signed letter through a trackable means asking for this.
  • Eric B brought up that we are doing the Highlands Ranch 3th of July parade. Critter is setting up an electronic way to donate, currently only doing mail-in donations. If they do not want to do a paper donation, they can donate to the national party. Bill recommends setting up a paypal account for donations. Bill sending press release regarding the parade. Asking to post pictures to social media.
  • Press release will be going out next week for Travis Brooks (not currently in the Unity Party but might be in the future). He may be elected; Unity is fully endorsing him.  
  • United National Committee will be meeting soon to talk about national Unity voting members.
  • Report needs to be filed with the state of Florida.
  • Elijah working with Troy for HD5 in CO for his website. Also working with Eric S for his state website. Template for unity site is being used. We are looking to have Troy’s site setup by the end of June. Bill wants to send out a press release once this is done. Bill stresses the Unity brand needs to be apparent for each site.
  • Bill giving Elijah a public acknowledgement for the Highlands Ranch parade and setting up Unity websites.
  • Bill wants to do a zoom meeting with him, Elijah, and John signing up for Unity.
  • Matt Turner discussed the Boulder meetings that have been taking place. This will become a twice a month meeting from here on out. Matt reaching out to the Alliance Texas chairman to have a conversation, will also be talking to the Alliance party to start communication/discussion/collaboration.
  • If the Alliance Party and the Unity Party did one day collaborate and combine, Unity party would not change our name, but this collaboration is not guaranteed.
  • Adham H stated he has a confirmation from Fedex for the confirmation for Florida Unity Party. Florida has a report deadline coming up.
  • Bill asks everyone to comment bomb the Unity site!
  • Someone outside of the United States has shown interest in joining the Unity Party. Bill is able to do this with the Unity Party written laws. Looking into this but no guarantees. Bill is looking into the legality of working with someone outside the US. They cannot be a voting member and cannot contribute financially to the party. — Who thinks we should work with an out-of-border Unity member. Ryan – agrees, Matt – agrees, Eric B – agrees with caution, Elijah – agrees with caution, Ted – Concerned with the Unity Party being seen to be interfering with another country’s politics. Adham – agrees with caution, Adam – Hesitant.
  • Eric B wants to discuss proportional representation regarding the Forward Friday call and timing. Jesse can do this during the first 10-15 minutes (or pre-meeting) of the National meeting next month.



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