July 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes


/ July 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes

July 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes

Unity Party July 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Meeting Minutes

Date: 07/09/2021

Time: 1400-1500 Central Time

Facilitator: Bill Hammons

In Attendance

  1. Bill Hammons
  2. Jessie Parris
  3. Henry Marquad
  4. Carl Jameson
  5. David Mikeska
  6. Ryan Chaknova
  7. Tim Wolf
  8. Elijah Herson
  9. Critter Milton

New Business

  • Bill Hammons Nominated Carl Jameson to be the Unity Party National Secretary. Voted passed 5-0. Bill Hammons, Henry Marquez, Carl Jameson, David Mikeska and Bob voted yes.
  • Bill Hammons nominated Critter Milton to be the new Unity Party National Treasurer.
  • Vote passed 5-0. Bill, Henry, Carl, David, and Bob votes yes.
  • Discussion whether Director of Communications should be a staff or elected position.
  • Committed was in favor of maintain position as Staff. Eric Bodenstab is appointed as the new Director of Communications with Evy Hines as Deputy Director of Communications.
  • Bill Hammons nominated Three Regional Directors for Western US/Eastern US and International. Elijah Henson for Western US WAS APRROVED 5-0. BILL,HENRY,CARL DAVID AND BOB AYES.
  • Carl Jameson was approved for Eastern US BY 5-0 VOTE. BILL, HENRY,CARL,DAVID AND BOB AYES
  • Matthew Turner was approved as international by 5-0 vote.
  • Bill, Henry, Carl, David, and Bob ayes
  • Committee also made these elected positions by 5-0 vote.


Bill proposed a ad hoc committee to revise the national party website.


  1. Bill Hammons
  2. Tim Wolf
  3. Elijah Herson
  4. Matthew Turner
  5. David Mikeska
  6. Ryan Chaknova

Deadline is next Forward Friday meeting


  • David Mikeska is running for Governor of South Dakota.
  • Bill wants Carl to get ahold of Adam in Florida to ensure paperwork is being filed per state law and state party bylaws.



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