Hammons Returns to Run Keltie Campaign


/ Hammons Returns to Run Keltie Campaign

Hammons Returns to Run Keltie Campaign


December 11, 2019

ColoTexan Hammons Returns to Colo. to Run Keltie Campaign


Eric Bodenstab
Communications Director, United National Committee
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Colorado Springs, CO – ColoTexan Bill Hammons, Chairman of the United National Committee of the Unity Party of America (https://unityparty.us/), has returned to Colorado to direct Uniter Rebecca Keltie’s (https://keltieconnects.com/) campaign for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District, centered on Colorado Springs.

“I’d like to thank Bill for coming back to Colorado just to help run my campaign,” says Keltie, who is running to become the one viable General Election candidate able to unseat Congressional Investor Doug Lamborn. “There’s a heck of a lot of work to do as we work to drive straight up the middle between the two extremes already represented in the 2020 Congressional race, and Bill’s experience will come in handy as we knock on doors, make phone calls, and do all the other zillion things it takes to show my neighbors that I deserve their vote in 2020.”

“I’d like to thank Rebecca for taking me up on my offer to return to Colorado to take her campaign to the next level, using my specific experience as the Unity Party candidate responsible for getting the party to official status in the state,” says Keltie’s new Campaign Director Bill Hammons. “I’ve claimed the label of ‘ColoTexan’ to sum up the fact that I’ll be flying back and forth between Texas and Colorado for the foreseeable future, but rest assured I’ll be in the Springs full time to make the most of the Uniter campaign of many with the most potential.”


About Rebecca Keltie

Rebecca Keltie was born in Michigan, spent a quarter of a century in the Navy and Naval Reserves, served everywhere from Guam to Sicily, has one of two sons still serving in the military himself, and still believes that it’s possible to achieve progress as a Moderate in America today. She lives in Colorado Springs and her campaign site is www.keltieconnects.com.

About the Unity Party of America

The Unity Party of America was founded on November 4, 2004. This Centrist national political party now covers 40 States — latest State: Wyoming — is officially recognized at the State level as a result of successful Unity Party candidate petitions as well as at the Federal level (FEC # C00591313), and has fielded several 2020 candidates for all levels of Federal office. Its official website is www.unityparty.us.

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