February 2021 Forward Friday Minutes


/ February 2021 Forward Friday Minutes

February 2021 Forward Friday Minutes

Unity Party February 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Meeting Minutes

Monthly National Zoom Meeting (open to all members) – 1:00pm MST


  1. Bill Hammons
  2. Eric Bodenstab
  3. Tim Wolf
  4. Elijah Herson
  5. Blake Huber
  6. Critter Milton
  7. Theodore Ragsdale (California)
  8. Henry Marquard (Iowa)
  9. +2 others unidentified


  1. Colorado Uniters Registration Map
  2. Boulder County Site – mostly updated in full
  3. Unity Iowa
  4. 2022 Candidates – updates
  5. Open discussion


  • Colorado Map
  • Elijah made a graphics page, heat map that can be updated monthly or quarterly as needed.
  • One possible use is to help market or fundraise
  • How to get highest percentage of Uniter Counties active?
  • County Websites
  • Boulder site: https://www.unitedbouldercounty.org
  • Looks fantastic!
  • Content is also not veering in any significant or deleterious manner from National or State.
  • Unity in Iowa
  • Henry Marquard, a former Democratic organizer is optimistic there is plenty of room for a centrist third party. Discussed some of the follies of the two major parties.
  • 2022 Candidates
  • Donnie Harris not on call, assume he is still running with no updates at this time
  • Press release forthcoming
  • Open discussion
  • Bill discussed the idea of having a LIVE Youtube channel
  • Eric stayed on with Theo and Henry after the call officially ended to answer a few questions and provide encouragement for new state parties

Ended 2:15 MST



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