Duffett, Freeland, Keltie KKTV Debating


/ Duffett, Freeland, Keltie KKTV Debating

Duffett, Freeland, Keltie KKTV Debating

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Duffett, Freeland & Keltie KKTV CD-5 Debate Set for Oct 5th

Colorado Springs, Colorado, September 28, 2020 (Monday) – Colorado 5th Congressional District Unity Party Nominee Rebecca Keltie (https://keltieconnection.com/), Democratic Nominee Jillian Freeland (https://jillianfreeland.com/) and Libertarian Nominee Ed Duffett (https://www.edduffettforcongress.com/) are set to define their positions on the many issues facing the nation in a KKTV (CBS Colorado Springs) debate scheduled for 630pm MT Monday October 5th.

“I’m looking forward to having a conversation with fellow candidates about the future of Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District,” says Democratic Nominee Freeland.  “Far too many elected officials, including Congressman Doug Lamborn, are too scared to debate their opponents.  This demonstrates weak convictions and unwillingness to be accountable for the decisions they make on our behalf.  The candidates who truly wish to serve and stand with their constituents will show up on October Fifth; I wonder where Doug Lamborn will be?”

“I look forward to this discussion as well, and am a firm believer that all of the most pressing issues facing our nation right now stem from the lack of a coherent COVID response,” says the Unity Party’s Keltie.  “I am that rare politician who has practiced what she preaches on COVID, I am happy that KKTV has agreed to this Zoom debate, and it’s time to cull the Congressional herd.”

“This nation will survive,” says Libertarian Nominee Ed Duffett, “but it’s our Liberty I’m most worried about.  I look forward to reminding the voters of the Pikes Peak region that they have yet another choice in this election, and that choice is freedom, the freedom to respond to any crisis as one sees fit, in a manner that is peaceful, honest, and in the best interests of that individual.”


About Rebecca Keltie

Rebecca Keltie was born in Michigan, spent a quarter of a century in the Navy and Naval Reserves, served everywhere from Guam to Sicily, has one of two sons still serving in the military himself, and still believes that it’s possible to achieve progress as a Moderate in America today.  She lives in Colorado Springs and her campaign site is https://keltieconnection.com.

About Jillian Freeland

Before running to represent Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District, Jillian Freeland owned and operated a private practice as a Registered Midwife.  She currently serves as a board member for various local district organizations and programs.  She’s fighting for the future she wants for her daughters and her fellow humans, namely complete healthcare coverage, clean air and water, and a government free of corruption.  Her campaign website is https://jillianfreeland.com/.

About Ed Duffett

Ed Duffett was born in Gainesville, Georgia, raised in Texas, and spent time in England, Korea, and all over the United States before retiring from the Air Force after almost 25 years.  He received several graduate and post-graduate degrees in business and management and is currently serving with the Coast Guard Auxiliary focusing on Environmental Protection.  He believes in treating adults like adults and has lived in Colorado Springs for 20 years.  His campaign website is https://www.edduffettforcongress.com/.

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