Democratic Candidate Critter Milton Joins Unity Party


/ Democratic Candidate Critter Milton Joins Unity Party

Democratic Candidate Critter Milton Joins Unity Party

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Democratic Candidate Critter Milton Joins the Unity Party

Alma, Colorado, February 27, 2020 – US Senate Candidate Critter Milton (, after attending the “United America” candidate forum in Monument on Saturday, has updated his voter registration from the Democatic Party to the Unity Party of Colorado and will be seeking the Unity Party’s nomination at the April state convention in Broomfield.  The Colorado Division of Elections has issued, at the request of the Unity Party of Colorado, the opinion that there is no reason the Unity Party can’t change its bylaws at the April convention to allow candidates from other parties to update their voter affiliation to “Unity” in 2020 in order to seek Unity Party nominations for the General Election, now that more and more candidates are liking what they’re seeing.

“I’ve been as impressed with the Unity Party’s platform as I have been with their operations,” says newly-minted Uniter Milton.  “Term Limits are one of the many things essential to healing our democracy, to reducing the influence of money. I am uniquely qualified for the political arena as an advocate for all Coloradans, bringing the equivalent of multiple lifetimes of experience, a broad knowledge base, a proven track record, backed up by my success as a financial advisor which allowed me to retire from that career in my Thirties, of an ability to absorb and process massive amounts of information quickly, and a strong ethical core.  It’s commonsense that Americans are far stronger when they are United than when they are divided, and I’m joining the Unity Party because we Americans must work together as Americans to move forward as a nation. E pluribus unum, ‘from many, one,’ is on the Great Seal of the United States for a reason.”

“I’m thrilled to have Critter, with his experience and natural abilities, join the Unity Party,” says Unity Party of America Chairman Bill Hammons.  “It’s up to the Unity Party state membership to show up to the April convention in Broomfield to have their voice heard on changing the bylaws to allow candidates like Milton to join the Unity Party, but I’ll do everything in my power, as national chairman, to encourage this move to expand our roster going into the General Election.”


About Critter Milton

Christopher “Critter” Milton is a retired and successful high net worth financial advisor who happens to sleep in Alma, Colorado when he isn’t traveling to all of Colorado’s 64 counties skiing, hiking and successfully persuading his fellow Coloradans to join his cause.  His website is

About the Unity Party of America

The Unity Party of America was founded on November 4, 2004.  This Centrist national political party now covers 40 States — latest State: Wyoming — is officially recognized at the State level as a result of successful Unity Party candidate petitions as well as at the Federal level (FEC # C00591313), and has fielded several 2020 candidates in multiple states for all levels of Federal office. Its official website is

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