Unity is Seeking Candidates from Across the Country to Run as Uniters in 2020!

If you’re interested in running, send a message to [email protected] with details on what office you’re seeking (Office, District, and State) and why you’ve chosen to run with the Unity Party of America.

Advice and assistance for Candidates United will be provided here and elsewhere as we further develop our ground game going into the 2020 contest. Suggestions welcome, and check back here frequently.

Also, there will soon be a section here specific to petitioning onto the ballot as a “Unity” candidate, but note that Uniters in Colorado do not need to petition onto the ballot if they are chosen as nominees at the April convention (just be sure to update your voter affiliation to “Unity” well before the January 2nd deadline, and also note to be not too worried about not being designated for a specific nomination; we plan to run candidates all up and down the state ballot and will do our best to match every willing, able and realistic Uniter with their best fit in terms of office).

Click here for a Colorado-specific flyer which you can print and distribute at your campaign events.

I’d also like to start seeing the comments section on this page and related pages used to trade notes on upcoming campaign events, sharing Unity Party signs and banners, fundraising ideas, etc.

Some tips for Uniter candidates:

  1. Time to start knocking on a few doors, even if you’re running for statewide office. Canvassing is a great way to get your name out there and start building grassroots support, getting people to put out your yard sign, etc. Speaking of support, the State Chair has statewide voter lists you can start with and work off of.
  2. Also now’s a good time to start dialing for dollars (and building support while you’re at it). Many voters include their phone number with their voter registration, and you can start dialing Unaffiliated Coloradans off the same voter lists and refine your calls as you get a feel for what works and what doesn’t (you can also explore buying your own lists).
  3. Third, now’s a good time to start getting yourself invited to candidate forums and other events. When you hear of an event you haven’t been invited to, again reach out to the state chair and we’ll do the ask for you.
  4. Fourth, all candidates should explore hiring a pro to make their website top-notch. A few websites I’ve come across which stand out are Trish Zornio’s and Valerie Plame’s (look for webmaster links). And be sure to have lots of links from your site to this site and https://unitypartycolorado.com (when everyone is a team player, everyone on the team wins).
  5. Fifth, feel free to send me pics of bumper stickers and other swag you’ve printed up with your name and/or logo, and we’ll post those pics on this site along with links to your own site.
  6. Finally, more tips will come, but that’s just a start on getting started.


Bill Hammons

4 thoughts on “Candidates’ Corner

  1. We would like to fill the ballot top to bottom in Colorado and begin to establish official parties in the other 49 states. We have proved it can be done here with a little bit of effort. Some states have high or restrictive standards and requirements for creative a third party. Some like Florida simply require paperwork (though filings need to be perfect.)

    Let’s get it done. Our country deserves better.

  2. The League of Women Voters has an award-winning, nationally recognized Voter Guide available for all candidates to get their own voice heard. For candidates to receive their personalized input code to participate, email Cath Perrone at [email protected]. Thank you. LWVCO VOTE411.org 2020 Coordinator

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