Unity Party of America Hiring Upraisers

The United National Committee of the Unity Party of America is hiring Upraisers (fundraisers) to raise donations for the national party (more information can be found at https://unityparty.us/jobs/make-money-fundraising/).

Compensation is on a commission basis, and can be quite lucrative (see the link above for commission schedule).  All Upraisers are 1099 Independent Contractors and, as such, make their own schedules.

You will be raising funds for a 42-state organization, and the newest party officially recognized by the State of Colorado (we just completed the 2020 nomination process, and 15 of our Candidates will be on the November ballot in multiple states, running for everything from President of the United States to County Commissioner).  The funds you raise will cover things such as:

  • $10 for monthly hosting of one of our websites
  • $45 to place another one of these ads on Craigslist
  • $150 for one 6 ft x 10 ft vinyl Unity Party banner
  • $500 fee to place our Presidential ticket on the Louisiana ballot this summer

You will be provided with lists of registered voters already sorted to include phone numbers and other information > the more texts and calls you make off the lists given you (in addition to using your creativity and connections to generate your own leads), the more money you earn, and the more additional resources you will be provided with.

Management opportunities are also available, in addition to finders’ fees for those who recruit star talent.

  • $0-$1,000 in weekly donations raised: 10% (if you raise $100 you get $10)
  • $1,001-$5,000 in weekly donations raised: 20% (if you raise $2,000 you get $400)
  • $5,001-$10,000 in weekly donations raised: 25% (if you raise $8,000 you get $2,000)

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