Paul Noël Fiorino moved to Denver in 1955, and has worked as a ballet dancer, choreographer, singer and songwriter for decades and decades.  He was the sole proprietor and director of the Ballet Arts Center, a host and producer with Denver Community Television, and is the President Emeritus of the Golden Triangle Museum District.  He has two children. His website is

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  1. billhammons

    Sorry about that, Paul! Title tag updated. I owe you an email, and best of luck!

  2. Avatar

    I will appear on your mail in Ballot as Congressional District One CD1
    Not U.S. Senate as listed, VOTA FOR SEKU. THANKS FOR YOUR VOTO, VOTE

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    Today October 1 Colorado celebrates first position in arts engagement
    HAPPY to lead the charge for our freedom of expression and speech.
    Our National Endowments are our heritage foundation and must be nonpartisan. Unity has called for ARTS FOR ALL and the YouTube
    Fiorino for Congress advideo is available now for your fun.
    Vote, Vota, Voto

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