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Bill Hammons was born in Germany in the 70’s to a career US Army officer (who just recently passed away from Agent Orange exposure). Bill graduated from Permian High School in West Texas of Friday Night Lights fame, attended NYU in New York, and made the Dean’s List several semesters in a row before going on to work as the Rights Manager at Newsweek Magazine and then starting Bill’s List, which has received as many as 17,000 visitors daily.

One day in 2003, Bill was on a training run for the NYC Marathon in the hills of Central Park, mulling over what more he could do to support the Presidential candidacy of General Wes Clark (Bill had been active in the Draft Clark grassroots movement). Then, at the top of the park, it struck Bill that he and others could run marathons to raise campaign contributions. The idea of “Runners for Clark” was born, and the organization had spread to 14 states before the General bowed out of the 2004 Primaries.

Clark might’ve been done, but Bill wasn’t, and Unity Runners was started to support Centrist candidates throughout the country (one thing Bill had become increasingly dismayed with was the inability of the established American political parties to appeal to Centrist voters). The 2004 election was done that November, but Bill still wasn’t done, and the Unity Party of America was born in November 2004.

The following Spring, Bill moved back West (to Colorado) to enjoy the stunning running trails and even more stunning views (he’s completed everything from a mile race down Fifth Avenue to a 50-mile race in the Montana wilderness) before finally returning to Texas after a 26-year journey. While in Colorado, he was the first of only two third-party Coloradans to ever successfully petition onto the General Election statewide ballot (and the only one to do so single-handedly). The Unity Party was placed on the Colorado official voter registration form as the “Unity” option as a direct result of Bill’s 2014 US Senate run, and UP achieved full recognition as a party by the State in June of 2017 (Unity Party candidates can now be placed directly onto the General Election ballot by a show of hands, no petitioning required).

Bill went on to become the first Unity Party of America member (along with his friend and running mate Eric Bodenstab) to appear on the General Election ballot as a Gubernatorial candidate, and promptly put his vote numbers into full hockey stick graph mode before heading to Texas (partly) to be in compliance with the 12th Amendment to the Constitution (while Bill misses the mountains, his Vice Presidential running mate hails from Colorado).

Bill and his running mate Eric Bodenstab are on the ballot in multiple states across the country in 2020, and Bill is even starting to make appearances in popular culture: the makers of the Red World mod of the popular video game Hearts of Iron 4 chose to basically portray him as Leader of the Free World in a what-if-the-Soviets-had-won-the-Cold-War version of The Man in the High Castle, beating out Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton to lead (what remains of) the United States against Vladimir Putin and the Red Menace. Really.

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    Tracy Linder

    Hello Mr. Hammons,
    Like many others here, I just couldn’t go red or blue. In fact I’ve chosen to not belong to a political party in order to keep my assessment of candidates free of the hive mind of most political parties. What that means is that in some years I do vote for one of the “Big Two” and in others I find the Libertarians refreshing and possessed of a platform I can endorse. This year it was the Unity Party. The Unity Party at this point seems to be a haven in the storm of what’s going on right now in American Politics. If nothing else we, as citizens need to push for candidates that are practical in their plans and platforms, and pragmatic about the challenges each elected office holds. I live with a died in the wool Republican, who said the most poignant thing, “I am tired of all the hate from both sides.” Keep up the good work and during the mid-terms, as I did this time, I may just vote a nearly all Unity ticket. Don’t lose that common sense vision Mr. Hammons and keep fighting the good fight.

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    Rock Luciano

    Bill I read your platform, I did vote for you, can you please send me info on the party as I will pass this information to other people:)

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    can’t wait to liberate the US as bill in red world

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    Philip Hooper

    I also voted for you in NJ. I dont like either candidate. After reading your platform I understood where I was politically. I always believed I was more republican than democrat. I now know I am of the Unity Party. We need more people like you running in New Jersey.

    1. billhammons

      Thanks, Philip! I’ll be reaching out to you soon re: getting you formally signed up with the Party.

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    100% agree with Gina. Thank you for running.. thank you for having a clear and defined stance on what we need to maintain life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Thank you for being the role model of what candidates should be. You were not my vote against someone. I voted FOR you!

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    I’m 18 here in NJ, and my first vote ever has been to you! Our country has been and felt so divided, all because of our 2-party system. I could not let myself vote red or blue, especially after reading all of the ridiculous things both candidates have said or done, not to mention their childish actions. After doing my research of people who are running, you definitely check off my boxes in whom I look for in a president. You seem very qualified, calm, and truly want what’s best for the American people. You want unity! People may say I’m “basically throwing away” my vote but I am not, you stand for so many good things this world needs to be ensured of, for example the rights of LGBTQ+ people, gay marriage, abortion rights, the awareness we must do something to help our environment due to global warming/climate change, and so so so much more! Even if you end up not winning quite this election, my conscience is clear because I voted for someone that stands for so many good things America needs.

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    Tamara Obryan

    I’m here in Aurora colorado and I just can’t vote red or blue this year. You’ve got my vote!

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    You have my vote here in NJ. Good luck! Everyone tells me not to throw my vote away to a third party candidate. However, I can not wholeheartedly vote republican or democrat since I am neither and feel we need change.

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    Jasper Rains

    Do you support Stephen “Seku” Evans idea of giving $100 trillion as reparations for the black community?

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      Will you be on Wisconsin’s ballot?

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    Brian Halloran

    Bill Hammons,
    Shame on you running for President this year. Have you learned nothing from 2016? You can only hurt chances of beating Donald Trump. This election could easily mean the end of American democracy and start of an autocratic state? For what.. a few issues you support? Or vanity? Selfish. Shame on you.

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