Tim Wolf

Tim Wolf is the acting chair of the Unity Party of America and has spent his life striving for a new approach to politics. He holds the view that neither left nor right is right but that we have to seek balance in the way we approach politics. While politics can be a driver of … Read more

Gary Swing

Gary Swing is a spokesperson for the organization Best Democracy, which advocates for proportional representation voting systems. Gary was the Vice Chairman of the Colorado Coalition for Fair and Open Elections, a coalition of eight alternative parties that lobbied for ballot access reform in the 1990s to make it easier for minor party and independent … Read more

Paul Fiorino

Paul Noel Fiorino. Arts  Educator, father and first Unaffiliated candidate since 2006 has Affiliated with the UNITY PARTY and is running for Governor of Colorado.

Tijani R. Cole

I am a lifelong advocate for bipartisan politics. I have been very active in the community and have served on many volunteer boards and committees. I have a strong law enforcement background and have served in the judiciary for over twenty-nine years. I am a founder and a Board member of five Charter schools. I … Read more

Dom Waters

DOM WATERS FOR US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES COLORADO DISTRICT 1 2022 Dom Waters is a Unity Party candidate running for the US House of Representatives, CO-D1 in the November 2022 General Election. Her candidate bio is below, and she can be reached at [email protected]  Dom Waters Candidate Biography Dom Waters, candidate for the US House of … Read more

Troy Brekke

TROY BREKKE FOR COLORADO HOUSE DISTRICT 5 2022 Troy lives in Denver and has announced his intention to run as a Unity Party candidate for Colorado’s House of Representatives 5th District in the November 2022 General Election. His candidate bio is below, and he can be reached at [email protected] Also be sure to read the … Read more

Donnie Harris

DONNIE HARRIS FOR INDIANA UNITED STATES SENATOR Donnie Harris is a native Hoosier, husband, father, grandfather and veteran.  Born into poverty to a teenage mom, he got into the construction business at the age of 13 (after his first job as a paper boy) and worked in the construction industry for half a century, until … Read more

Christopher E. Otwell

Christopher E. Otwell has lived in Aurora for nearly a decade and in Colorado for nearly three.  He has worked in the Computer Engineering and Cyber Security fields for nearly 30 years now, leading engineering teams and mentoring other engineers to become better at what they do. For over a quarter of a century, he … Read more

Critter Milton

Please address campaign correspondence to [email protected] About Critter Milton Critter Milton is a former financial advisor, who left the industry because his advice was only available to the wealthy and now strives to share that same broad knowledge base with everyone regardless of assets or any other discriminating classification. He is the 2022 Unity Party Nominee … Read more

Eric Bodenstab

Eric Bodenstab grew up in southern California before moving to Colorado and earning two Master’s Degrees, one in Structural Engineering. As of the Fall of 2019, he is a newly-minted husband as well as father to two sons and currently commutes to his day job in downtown Denver, just like any other average American. Eric … Read more