Biden #7638, Trump #7646, Bill Hammons 4th


/ Biden #7638, Trump #7646, Bill Hammons 4th

Biden #7638, Trump #7646, Bill Hammons 4th

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Biden #7,638, Trump #7,646, Hammons 4th in Battle of the Sites

Broomfield, Colorado, September 25, 2020 (Friday) – The campaign site of Unity Party of America 2020 Presidential Nominee Bill Hammons weighs in at #4 in terms of traffic for US Presidential campaign sites, according to the reputable Amazon-owned site-ranking site of

“I find it remarkable that the campaign sites of the two major party candidates, at least as of this morning, are within 8 places of each other in the 7,000 range,” says candidate Hammons, who weighs in below the Libertarian candidate and above Kanye West.  “My list of campaign website traffic rankings of all 14 candidates who are on the ballot in at least 3 states is remarkably consistent with what one would expect (the same list with snapshots of each website can be found on my own site at, and such a close running in terms of a stat which can’t be manipulated like social media likes might be an ominous warning that the November election results will indeed be razor-thin and thus contested with no end in sight.  This, combined with the fact that perhaps as many as 10% of Biden’s votes will not be counted fair-and-square because of missing stamps, signatures, secrecy sleeves and other components leads me to believe that, unfortunately, we might be looking at another Trump victory.  Fortunately, however, Faithless Electors haven’t been outlawed in sizable parts of the country, and I look forward to making a strong enough showing on Election Day to persuade what should really be called Faithful Electors, because they’re being faithful to the original intent of the Founding Fathers, to throw me enough votes to land me in that magical #3 slot should the election be thrown to the House of Representatives, per the 12th Amendment to the Constitution.  Any serious student of history knows there have been more unconventional compromises in determining the transition to a new leader, and with a Pandemic primed to literally decimate the septuagenarian population this Winter, an election headed to the House is entirely plausible.”

  1. Joe Biden > Democratic Party > (#7,638)
  2. Donald Trump > Republican Party > (#7,646)
  3. Jo Jorgensen > Libertarian Party > (#106,317)
  4. Bill Hammons > Unity Party > (#191,343)
  5. Kanye West > Birthday Party > (#286,810)
  6. Brock Pierce > Independent > (#340,648)
  7. Howie Hawkins > Green Party > (#358,246)
  8. Rocky De La Fuente > Alliance Party > (#1,625,416)
  9. Brian Carroll > American Solidarity Party > (#2,241,283)
  10. Don Blankenship > Constitution Party > (#2,811,518)
  11. Gloria La Riva > Party for Socialism & Liberation > (#3,821,584)
  12. Phil Collins > Prohibition Party > (“No Rank Data”)
  13. J.R. Myers > Life and Liberty Party > (“No Rank Data”)
  14. Alyson Kennedy > Socialist Workers Party > No Website


About Bill Hammons

Bill Hammons was raised in Odessa, Texas of Friday Night Lights fame, earned a B.A. in English and American Literature from NYU, managed Rights at Newsweek Magazine for seven years and seven days, and moved to Colorado for the running trails before completing his journey home to Texas with a move to Austin, and before making a little bit of history by becoming the first third party candidate in Colorado history to petition onto the State’s General Election ballot and the only one ever to do so single-handedly.  His website is

About Eric Bodenstab

Eric Bodenstab grew up in California before moving to Colorado and earning two Master’s Degrees, one in Structural Engineering.  He is a married father of two sons, lives in the Denver suburb of Arvada, and is the Chairman of the Unity Party of Colorado.  His website is

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