April 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes


/ April 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes

April 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Minutes

Unity Party April 2021 Forward Friday Zoom Meeting Minutes

Unity Party of America April 9th zoom


  1. Bill
  2. Eric
  3. Ryan Chaknova (Colorado, Affiliated)
  4. Randall Bowers
  5. Elijah Herson
  6. Critter Milton
  7. Adam Alonzi
  8. Matt Turner


  • Unity Party of Connecticut > some mobilization.
  • Bill Plans to rendezvous with Adam (Gainsville) in Tallahassee Florida.  (Bill is currently in Alabama.)  Looking to fill out the central committee with officers in Florida, to complete paperwork.  Adam Hamilton (Clearwater) is onboard in Florida as well.  They will finalize plans to meet.
  • Unity Party of Massachusetts is the big news.  Chairman to found party in that state, with 50 petition signatures, not required to affiliate.  Bill can petition as a non-resident.  He asked for help in Boston to petition.  It helps to have more than one person on the ground.
  • Unfortunately, already 27 organizations already registered, but it is a step in the forward direction.
  • Social media, need more followers and subscribers on the YouTube Channel.
  • Bumper stickers, order and take a photo. We need activity online.  Also comment bomb the UnityParty.US site.
  • Date for Colorado State Party Convention.  Elect before June 6th.  Discussion and suggestions from Bill on size of venue.  Make it look full.  Overflow is a luxury problem.  Matt and Eric will meet in person to get a venue set.
  • Parades.  Time to start planning for marching in the parades.
  • Alliance Party?  Not really ready for a unification, due to a poor relationship.  Probably can’t be mended.



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