“Unity Party Launches Party’s Yoosh Logo” Transcript

Unity Party of America Chairman Announces new “Yoosh” Logo

Afternoon.  My name is Bill Hammons, I am the Chairman of the United National Committee of the Unity Party of America, not to mention the Unity Party Nominee for President of the United States, and I’d like to officially announce the Unity Party’s new logo, what I call the Yoosh.  Loads of thanks to Graphics Artist Elijah Herson for putting together the new logo based on some sketches of mine.

As you can see by going to unityparty.us, our new logo is a combination of a “U” (hence the name “Yoosh”), and a check mark sweeping into infinity in streaks of red, white and blue.  I think this new party symbol best conveys the ambition of the First Party of the 21st Century.

Now that you have yet more proof that the Unity Party is going places, on top of our number of candidates, Uniter voter registrations and votes going vertical, be sure to put your dollars where you know they’ll get the most done by donating at unityparty.us.  Thanks in advance for your support, and enjoy your day…

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